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Owen faced the lens to publicly apologize for tomorrow, and 50%of the game may play in tomorrow

On November 20th, Beijing time, Tennis Star Kaisi Irving accepted an exclusive interview with the New York Post reporter Ian Bergley. In the video interview, Irving apologized through the lens.

In the face of the camera, Owen said: “I really want to focus on repairing my damage, influence, influence on the Jewish community, or a threat to a certain type of Jewish community. All apologies.

“I have a lot of time to think about it. If I can come again, I will cure and repair a lot of intimate relationships with my relatives and siblings with Jewish relatives. There are many harms that need to be cured, there are many dialogues to be carried out, and there must be a lot of reflection. “

“I don’t support any hatred of hatred. I don’t support racial prejudice or racial discrimination. I don’t support any religious hatred for any group. I don’t want to bring any harm to any community. I just want to bring more about our world. Light and peace, in order to do this, you need to experience some times that may be challenges and tests. “

Irving was banned by the Nets because of anti -Seda time. After many of his running and mediation, he had returned to the Nets. The state of playing against the Grizzlies will be suspicious tomorrow.

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  1. The face of the Great Waves made Owen lose light

  2. Ou Shenxian is not a fairy this time?Otherwise, the rice bowl is gone [Yun Bei] [Yun Bei]

  3. I think Owen is very bone, and it is so disappointing. Sure enough, it is very mighty.

  4. After two days, Owen may go to the former residence of Hitler!,

  5. Killing pen, scourge

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