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Oscar: The physical fitness has not yet reached the best state, the goal and the assist is perfect

On the afternoon of January 8th, the 2022 China Football Association Cup finals stopped in the second round. After the Shanghai Harbor Team won the Chengdu Rongcheng team 4-0, it eliminated the opponent to advance to the semi -finals by 8-0 in two rounds.After the game, the Shanghai Harbor Foreign Aid Oscar accepted the media interview.

When talking about the performance of this game, the Shanghai Harbor team player Oscar said: “I feel very happy, I haven’t played with my teammates for a long time, and my physical fitness has not reached the best state.Next, I played for 90 minutes, I have goals and assists, I feel very perfect. “

On January 11, the Shanghai Harbor Team will compete for a final ticket with the Zhejiang team in the semi -finals of the FA Cup.

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  1. Come back and get hot and currently kick me in the Guangzhou team. I am afraid to kick them 20-0 [Haha] [Haha] [Haha]

  2. The top 12 race for Oscar guest coach, with Brazil help at least rushed to the playoffs.

  3. Sub -designation!The strongest Super League!

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    MemoriesEarlymorning 1月 9, 2023 at 2:25 上午

    Compared with Chelsea, it was obviously a lot fatter

  5. A one was acting alone [Haha]

  6. I played for more than half a year, and then played a few unrelated competitions and lived perfectly.

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