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Oscar suddenly returned to help the Shanghai Harbor impact against the Football Association Cup

The reporter group of our newspaper jointly reported the last round of the Chinese Super League. Harbor currently accumulated 62 points, scoring with Zhejiang and Rongcheng.However, for the Super League, they don’t have much ideas. The next FA Cup is their goal. If they win the championship, they will not be a failure in the season.It is worth mentioning that the former core Oscar has returned and the team has signed up for him.

On the evening of the 28th, Oscar suddenly announced in social media that he was preparing to return to China. “Back to Shanghai, see it later.” The text of the little golden man immediately attracted attention. The purpose of his return to Shanghai was divergent.

As the core player of Harbor, Oscar’s contribution to the team is obvious to all.At the beginning of the season, the harbor affected by the epidemic was difficult. During April-May, because the wife was about to be in the basis, the Oscar asked the club to return to China. Although the club was facing tremendous pressure, because of emotional consideration, he agreed to his request.EssenceSince then, although Oscar returned to Shanghai in June, due to the 14+7 isolation at that time, he was absent from the first stage of important competitions.Before the intermittent period of China, Oscar only played 3 games. Due to the overall downturn of the team, the data of the little golden man did not look good.

Since then, the news of Oscar is about to leave the team, and it was quickly confirmed -the league intermittent period, Oscar returned to Brazil again.Since then, the relationship between the two sides has become blurred. In terms of Baya, Flamenco and Corinthian are interested in it. From the outside world, Oscar has been on the board.

But for Oscar, the Harbor Club has no official voice, and their attitude towards Oscar “requests” is “according to the contract”.

In the Oscar in Brazil, during the period of “rest”, he did not let Nanshan go. Instead, he trained with the local team. He hoped to keep your status and physical fitness.Play the ball.At the same time, he has been paying attention to Harbor. When Wu Lei returned, Oscar sent a blessing and told Wu Lei that “I feel that everything is back again.”

It can be said that although people are not in China, Oscar has not disappeared from the sight of seaport fans.At the beginning of November, Oscar was invited by ESPN to participate in a program. When he played his championship lens on the Harbor on the big screen, he was quite moved.Oscar said that he is still a member of the Harbor and explicitly expressed his expectation to return.

As the policy has been released, medical isolation will no longer be performed after January 8, but Oscar is a bit unbearable. At the Christmas holiday, it was not yet over, and he chose to take the opportunity to return to Shanghai.In fact, I also want to join the team as soon as possible to prepare the next FA Cup.Calculated by time, on January 5th and January 8, 2023, Harbor and Rongcheng will conduct two rounds in the 1/4 final.

It is understood that before, the Harbor has supplemented the Oscar on the Football Association Cup. Because the Oscar’s contract expired at the end of 2023, he did not have a “procedure” problem for the next Football Association Cup for the Harbor.

As for whether the Oscar continues to stay, it depends on the results of the negotiation between the two parties. People familiar with the matter revealed that the Harbor hoped that Oscar can perform the contract and continue to serve the team.

However, Pakistana revealed that Oscar hopes to cancel the contract with the harbor in advance, and leaves return to root.This summer, the conditions of the Brazilian giants cannot meet the appetite of the Harbor. The contract will only have one year in the next year. In principle, Oscar can contact any club.Flamenco intends to sign Oscar, but like this summer, it will not be transferred, only renting.

The first choice of Flamemo was Aston Vera, Coutinho, Marseille’s Gesson, and Uruguay forward Diego Rossi of Fernebache, and Oscar ranked back.

The Brazilian UOL website reported that in order to join Vlador, Oscar is willing to reduce salary by 90%, but 13 million Barcean Reial (equivalent to 2.3 million euros) is still one of the highest salary of Vlador and even Baya.It should be said that salary is the biggest obstacle for Oscar to leave Shanghai and join Flamengo.

Flamenco will participate in the Brazil Super Cup, South American Super Cup and the World Cup in February of the New Year. It can get a lot of income and have an annual salary space of 18 million Bakashi Reial (equivalent to 3.2 million euros).If Oscar can sign a contract, you can get similar salary.Coutinho is also willing to accept this salary, but Aston Vela wants up to 15 million euros to transfer fees, and Flamengo can only accept leases.

For Oscar, this is probably the last opportunity for him to join the Brazilian giants.After all, compared with two other competitors, he has not played for more than 5 months, which is the biggest disadvantage.

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  1. Too long for a real champion [Haha]

  2. How much is this wished to recruit back?

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    Unabletoconnecttothetimebeing-123 12月 31, 2022 at 3:03 上午

    If you want to steal, you must have good wine and good dishes. We must be coded. The three towns will definitely destroy the donkey.At the beginning of the annual meeting, the bonus.By the way, play two goals.

  4. Dust Mouse Yuan Jing is ready to hang the wall. The dinner team lost the mountain and want to steal the crown. It is extravagant.Someone accompanies the cards

  5. Come here to make a card, good salary

  6. Who calls you to be a state -owned asset, and better than my Hong Kong, my shoes will be targeted at your Shandong [Khan][Digging nose]

  7. I just shameless and jealous, because it is also a state -owned background, my Hong Kong is too bad.EssenceEssence[Khan] [Khan] [Khan]

  8. Is the annual salary not going to work?

  9. The contract is in the appointment, keeps the contract, the Austrian returns, and it is logical.Developed thick, where is the life, the armor is relieved to return to the mountain, and the birds and beasts are scattered.[Applause]

  10. Can state -owned assets play like this?

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    LaoXuhalf-generationmonkeypride 12月 31, 2022 at 3:03 上午

    This is a golden dollar football behind the arrogant Evergrande, and it still lives well under the red!

  12. Deputy President Ao This is to come back to earn the Spring Festival overtime fee [laughs Cry] [Laughing cry]

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