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Oscar returns to the first game to offer the most transmission of the biggest foreign aid will continue to stay in China

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On the afternoon of January 8th, the FA Cup quarter -finals, in the Shanghai Harbor against Chengdu Rongcheng, Oscar again put into battle.

In this regression, the Oscar, which returned to the Chinese arena after nearly half a year, completed the transmission, helping the Harbor to eliminate Rongcheng in two 4-0 in two rounds and advance to the semi-finals.

However, compared to the game process, the most happy of seaport fans is Oscar’s statement: The 2023 season, he will continue to play for the Harbor.



Return to Shanghai Harbor after half a year

Teammates interacted kindly.

Subsequently, Oscar watched the team’s performance in the stadium box, and Oscar was very happy for the result of 4-0 win.

An interesting detail appeared after the game: when the official media was interviewing the best Isa Karon, who was a single game, Oscar suddenly appeared in front of the broadcast lens, hugged Caron from the back, and congratulated him.Caron also looked very happy about the sudden hug of the captain, showing a shy smile.

After the game, the acting coach of the Harbor Team, Ji Zhikang, was also asked about Oscar. He said: “He actually wants to play today, but we have no bottom, because he is not trained systematically, it is easy to be injured.It’s big. Look at the situation in the next training to know when he can play. “

At this time, it was only one step away from the Oscar to return to the FA Cup.


Oscar comes in the game.

Oscar last time on behalf of the Harbor team, and went back to the 10th round of the Chinese Super League on July 12. At that time, Shanghai Harbor lost 0-1 in the three towns of Wuhan in the league, and then Oscar returned to Brazil to deal with family matters.

On the evening of December 28, Oscar posted a picture of returning to Shanghai through his personal social media, and the top foreign aid of China Super League officially returned.After a brief adjustment, Oscar came to Suzhou and appeared in the team to prepare for the Football Association Cup. His regression also aroused the expectations of many Harbor fans.

Player’s statement: It is likely to stay in China

The pre -match press conference, Harbor chose to let Oscar attended. Since I have not participated in the formal competition for a long time, Oscar admits that the state is still adjusted: “Because I returned to Brazil to deal with something, I will try my best to show the best on the court tomorrow.Status, help the team win. “

And when asked the fans most concerned about the future plan, Oscar said: “I’m not very good now. At present, I still focus on tomorrow’s game. I hope there can be good results and win the FA Cup champion.Probability will continue to stay in China with your family. “


The Oscar who contributed the transmission was awarded the best player in a single game.

The contract between Oscar and Harbor Club will expire by the end of 2024, that is to say, there are two years left. In fact, these two years are also the last golden time of the players in the 1989-1991 section of Harbor.It is important.

During the second transfer of the 2022 season, Wu Lei, Balgas, Isa Caron and other forced aid joined. Harbor has already made a French lineup. If Oscar can complete the last two -year contract, there is no doubt that Harbor will become the future in the future.The biggest championship popular team in the two seasons.

“The team has a lot of new aids. When I was in Brazil, I often watched the team’s game. We experienced some difficulties in the league, but I believe that we will achieve good results on the Football Association Cup.I can help the team regardless of whether I come back or outdoors. “Oscar admitted.

Oscar is very satisfied with this new team. In the second round of Rongcheng, he launched the game and played the whole game. At the end of the game, he scored the goal in the penalty area, and then assisted Abrakhan’s goal at any goal.Essence

“It feels very happy, because I haven’t played with you for a long time. I played for 90 minutes and had goals and assists. This is perfect. The physical fitness has not recovered to 100%. I want to thank my teammates for their help today.They asked me to play for 90 minutes, and they also helped to score and assists. “

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