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Opportunities for habitual waste!Nunsus 16 times this season will waste opportunities in the Premier League first

In this round of Premier League, Liverpool lost to Brent Ford at 1 to 3, and Nuns wasted another scoring opportunity in the game.

In the 6th minute of this game, Salah sent an accurate oblique plug. Nenes inserted the penalty area and took the goalkeeper to shoot, but the ball was siege by the Benjamin-Miden line.

Nenes scored the goal in the 47th minute, but was canceled because of offside.

This season, Nunsus has 55 shots and scored only 5 league goals. His shot conversion rate is only 9.1%.Among the players with more than 30 shots in the Premier League this season, Nenez’s shot conversion rate ranked fifth.

Among the major opportunities for the Premier League this season, Nuns ranked first in 16 times and Sarah ranked second in 12 times.

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  1. Nuns ranked first in 16 times, and Salah ranked second in 12 times, then bought another jacket wave

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