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O’Neal’s Lightwatch Howard’s T1 League Warcraft live broadcast

On November 26th, Beijing time, recently, Shakiel O’Neal has publicly watched the T1 League of China, the T1 League of China, which is currently playing for the current T1 League of China.

Howard had previously joined the T1 league in China to play very well. He scored 38 points, 25 rebounds and 9 blocks in the first game.

O’Neal does not feel praised about Howard’s outstanding performance. O’Neal said, “To be honest, there is nothing to make him feel cool. Those who defend him may only be 5 feet 8 inches (1 meter 73), then he There are nothing to be praised for 30 points. Howard’s alliance reminds me of the gym, he is like fitness there. “

Howard was very dissatisfied with O’Neal’s light. He responded when he lived on social media: “Please stop your hatred remarks. As a man and basketball player, I have never made hatred for you. There is no need to talk to Taiwanese fans like this. There are too many hatred in the world. Please spread love and think positively. Please do not respect my teammates and do not respect them. This statement is very disrespectful to Taiwanese players My teammates need to be affirmed! There are only 450 players every year to stand on the NBA, but this does not mean that players other than NBA have no ball skills, and Taiwanese professional players need to be affirmed. “

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  1. If the level is not high, and everyone likes to go to such a high level and can pay several times the price, you should really think about why.

  2. Taiwan League level is indeed not high

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    ancientandmodernChineseandforeignclassicfilmandtelevision 26 11 月, 2022 at 2:13 上午

    Warcraft high emotional quotient, very good to say

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