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O’Neal questioned Howard playing T1 league: like exercising in the gym

Beijing time on November 25th, the former NBA star Dwate Howard’s current water in the T1 league in Taiwan Province, China, has also questioned him.The NBA famous O’Neal’s guest show talked about Howard’s performance in the T1 league.

“To be honest, there is nothing to make him feel cool. Those who defend him may only have 5 feet and 8 inches. Then he scored 30 points and there is nothing much worthy of praise.” O’Neal said

“Howard’s alliance reminds me of‘ Lifetime Fitness League ’(American chain gym), he is like fitness there.”

The podcast host believes that Howard’s acquisition is very good and should be given a point.O’Neal applauded helplessly, “Well, you are great, I am proud of you.”

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  1. Come to play our village league, it is easy to get 100 points. If you are rebound, you dare not say that 30 is definitely there.Unless the coach does not require him, let him fight casually, otherwise, huh.EssenceEssence

  2. No problem questioned, the sparks often dribble more than half a game, and the waves shot three points, that is, in the provincial league. No one dares to control it, not to mention in the NBA, that is, in the CBA coach, he will never allow him to play like this.

  3. Come to CBA to see if it can be averaged 3020?

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