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On the 11th of the FA Cup semi -final, a fixed winning defeat attracted fans to watch the game on the spot

Source: Shangguan News Author: Chen Hua

Iron fans can buy tickets through barley online and go to the scene to cheer. The price of ball tickets is also very close to the people. It is divided into three grades of 50 yuan, 80 yuan and 160 yuan.

Yanjing Beer 2022 The Finals of the Chinese Football Association Cup in the quarter -finals have ended in two rounds, and the semi -finals were born.The semi -finals will take a single -round elimination system. Shanghai Shenhua’s match against Shandong Taishan will start at 14:00 on January 11th at Suzhou Sports Center.

At 15:30 on January 15th, the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center, the Yanjing Beer 2022 China Football Association Cup final will stage a peak matchup.Who can hold up this 66 -year -old championship trophy?Iron fans can buy tickets through barley online and go to the scene to cheer. The price of ball tickets is also very close to the people. It is divided into three grades of 50 yuan, 80 yuan and 160 yuan.

The three foreign aids of Taishan are waiting for a comeback. Shenhua continues to focus on the youth storm

In the first half, the Shandong Taishan team won the three towns of Wuhan 3 to 1 in the first round, and won 3-0 in the second round, thus promoting the top four with a total score of 6-1.The foreign aid and foreign teachers in Wuhan’s three towns were absent. Under the leadership of the Chinese coaching team, the Chinese Class responded. The advantages of Shandong Taishan have obvious advantages.

At present, the Taishan team is troubled by incomplete personnel.Three foreign aid Felryi, Credan, and Jedsong were still in the quarter -finals due to injuries. Guo Tianyu asked for leave because of family affairs. Another player was diagnosed with myocarditis and had returned home to recuperate.In addition, Liu Binbin was injured by the team’s second round and Wuhan three towns.The recovery of Felryi, Credan, Jardon and Liu Binbin will have a certain impact on the situation of the team’s semi -finals.

The Taishan team’s semi -finals Shanghai Shenhua team, in the quarter -finals, sent a young lineup with U21 players, and Cangzhou male lions used single foreign aid and U21 players to fight.In the first round, Shenhua won 5-1, and the second round was 2-0 and zero, and the total score was promoted to the semi -finals with a total score of 7-1.Shenhua blossomed on the offensive end. Seven goals were completed by Eddie, Zhou Junchen, Fernando, Xu Yougang, and Yang Zexiang. At the same time, the main “Youth Storm” performed well.

Before the quarter -finals, many players in the Shenhua team stayed in Shanghai due to the expiration of the contract and other reasons. Among the players in Suzhou, such as Wang Haijian and Zhu Chenjie, such as the team, such as Wang Haijian and Zhu Chenjie, they have had a fever.Therefore, on the basis of the 7 U21 players in advance, Shenhua also transferred 2 U21 players from the reserve team.

In the semi -finals, Shenhua will continue to send U21 players to play, and is the only four teams who have played non -foreign aids. There is a gap between the overall strength and staff reserves and the Taishan team.However, the single -round elimination system will be used in the semi -finals, which greatly increases the uncertainty of the game, and also increases the suspense and highlights of the game.

The best record of the history of the Zhejiang Cup Team, the core foreign aid of 8-0 victory at the Harbor Harbor returned

In the second half, the Zhejiang team played against each other in the quarter -finals. When the Chinese teams were in Xingzhou, Jinan, it was unable to send foreign aid due to the relevant provisions of the Football Association Cup.This is a competition between the whole Chinese class.In the first round, the Zhejiang team won 3-0.

In the match with Jinan Xingzhou, the local striker Gao Di scored 3 goals. The goalkeeper Zhao Bo hit two penalties, and there were highlights at both ends of the offense and defense.However, the overall strength of the team was affected by the absence of foreign aid.In the semi -finals, Mu Xiekui, Evolo and Lucas, who trained with the team, are ready to play. According to the head coach Jody, Frank is also expected to return to the team.The Zhejiang Team is likely to continue to play the Football Association Cup with the full lineup of four foreign aid.

The Zhejiang team’s opponent in the semi -final is Shanghai Harbor.In the quarter -finals, Harbor faced Chengdu Rongcheng, which was in the battle of the whole Chinese class. In the first round, the lineup of Caton, Balgas, and Endiaye won the opponent of 4-0; second round, second round, in the second round, in the second round,Oscar and Paulinho returned. The team attacked the strongest lineup of four foreign aid, and once again scored a 4-0 score to advance to the semi -finals with a total score of 8-0.

The Harbor team is the most complete team in the semi -finals. Local players Wu Lei, Xu Xin, Feng Jin, etc. have been recovered from the injuries.Neo can play.Among them, the absence of system training and game for a long time, although Oscar, who has just returned to the team has not recovered 100 % in terms of physical fitness, he played the game at the same time and rewarded the goal and assists at the same time.The Harbor Team Agent coach Xi Zhikang revealed that the arrangement of Oscar is full of preparations for the semi -finals and will pay attention to the foreign aid of the Zhejiang team.At that time, both Harbor and Zhejiang teams may send four strongest lineups led by foreign aids to compete for a final place in the semi -final of the winning defeat in a single game.

In the context of the “Type B Tube”, I went to watch football games on the spot, and no longer “zero audiences” and “nucleic acid testing” as in the past three years.I believe that the hardcore fans who really love football will express their love at the scene without just in front of the TV and the computer keyboard.

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