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Old thief once recorded 40 of 50! 73 of 100!Long -term winning rate no one can chase


Old master, patient hunter. The old thief industry has been cultivating for 12 years, and has created a single -selection of 73 and 50 of 100 in the Sina Lottery Platform. No one can copy so far!

Among the latest 100 major challenges, the latest record of the old thief is nearly 11 in the last 11! Nearly 37 of 26! Nearly 70 of 49! Continue to launch an impact on personal records!

For a few days of the World Cup, the experts of Sina Lottery are outstanding. And today we introduce the only old experts of our platform to the only old expert of our platform for a long time to announce the record -“old thief” teacher. As we all know, the old thief is the “most patient hunter” in the platform. Adhering to the mistakes of being wrong, do not make the wrong purpose, do not seek short -term scenery, and only seek stable profitability for long lines. He has set a record for long -term records such as 73 and 50 of the 100 -raid selection. No one has dared to challenge!

Earlier, the old thief faded out of everyone’s sight. But before this World Cup, we still strongly invited him to go out again. The editor also recently interviewed the master, hoping that he could share some personal experience. The old thief said: “Remember, there are very few really useful things. As year and after year, more and more throwing away, the remaining and fewer and less, the avenue is simple. Choose the competition, 5 minutes, 5 minutes, 5 minutes ; Set the direction, 3 minutes; enough, all routines, all muscle memory. You let me say ‘why is this’, I can’t say, I can only tell you in the article.’ The game variable is too More, everyone must grasp the core variables to grasp the main contradictions. Do not analyze any variables, increase trouble, and finally become purely subjective judgments, and it is nothing to practice for 100 years. “

As one of the most distinctive experts of Sina Lottery, the old thief not only contributed a long -term record that was difficult to surpass, but also allowed many netizens to try to analyze the competition objectively. During the World Cup, you can continue to pay attention to the analysis of the old thief. You can earn it!

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