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Old lottery people insist on holding the number of 7.54 million two -color balls in 3 years, and continue to work

On the evening of December 25th, Fucai Two -color Ball, 2022148, a total of 9 prize bonuses of 9 bets in the country was 7.16 million yuan.Fujian won one of the bets, Hua Luo Luo’s Fucai 35050167 Betting Station, Binxi Road, Binxi Road, Lake, Quanzhou City.He also won the third prize of 12 bets and the fourth prize of 15 bets, and won the total prize of 7.2 million yuan!This is the first prize of the 49th betting of the 49th betting of Fujian this year, and it is also the 10th note of Quanzhou.The next day, the prize winner Mr. Liu (Hua surname) and his wife came to Quanzhou Fucai Management Station to receive the award.

Two of the same lottery tickets are one and second prizes respectively

At the time of receiving the prize, Mr. Liu took out the two lottery tickets in the same period, both of which were red balls with a bet with a bet of 56 yuan, 4 gallbladder and 8 dragging tickets.Different and blue balls are different, 14 and 04, respectively.The red ball bile codes of the two lottery are “02, 15, 16, 17”, and the drag code has “21, 31”, and these 6 red balls are the current lottery numbers, so except for winning first prizesOutside of this lottery, another lottery is only a second prize and some fixed prizes of 33,8491 yuan in the difference between the difference between the blue ball.No. 45 Fucai 35057207 Betting Station, the distance between the two sites is less than 2 kilometers.These two lottery tickets brought a total of 7.54 million yuan for Mr. Liu!

Mr. Liu said that at 2 pm on the 25th, he went to pick up his wife who was in line for nucleic acid testing. Because the waiting time was relatively long, he first turned to the next Fucai 35057207 betting station and bought this lottery ticket from the second prize of the second prize.EssenceAfter returning home, more than 5 o’clock he went to the Blessing 35050167 Betting Station next to his home to buy this lottery ticket at the first prize.

Persist in the three -year bile code unchanged tug code period selection

“I have been holding these four gall codes for 3 years. The most one in the past three years is more than 3,000 yuan. This time, the gold and silver awards have won the one -time, and I have a sense of accomplishment!” Mr. Liu said happily.Mr. Liu said that he is a full two -color ball colorful fan. He has been buying colorful balls for nearly 20 years. He especially likes to use gallbladder betting.

Mr. Liu is optimistic about the two blue balls of 04 and 14. When buying the first lottery ticket, the main energy is used to choose the trailer.This betting is also bolder. Except for the fixed 4 bile codes, the red ball none of the eight trailers were the same as the previous issue, and most of them were concentrated after 20.Because of the time, the first lottery blue ball chose 04 omissions.Later, at more than 5 o’clock to the Boycai 35050167 betting station, Mr. Liu studied the number for a while, changed the two trailers, and selected 14 in the blue ball.Fortunately, Mr. Liu’s changes did not change the winning number, and he won the first prize in one fell swoop.

Grand prize improves life’s original intention unchanged and insist on buying lottery

The sudden arrival of the prize made Mr. Liu’s two sons happy. With this bonus, many problems at home can be properly resolved.

“I will continue to work, I don’t want to change my current living conditions. I don’t have any worries now. The lottery will continue to buy it. I have bought it for one or twenty years.Enjoy the fun brought by playing color. “Mr. Liu finally said.

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