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Old lottery people choose to win 15.77 million two -color balls to help parents improve their lives


Winning lottery

On the evening of December 6, the Chinese Welfare Lottery Two -color Ball Games played the 2022140th Lottery. The current period is the 16th Phase Award of the 1.2 billion yuan prize of the two -color ball.The two -color ball red ball number of the current period is 8,9,18,19,20,27, and the blue ball number is 15.

In this issue of double -colored balls, 19 bets were released in the first prize of the country, and the single bet was more than 5.88 million yuan. The first prize of the 19 bets fell in Changzhou (2 bets) in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Chongqing and other places.Among them, 10 first prizes and first -class prizes are specially prize, with a single bet bonus of more than 7.88 million yuan (including the prize of 2 million yuan).In the current second prize, 673 bets are issued, of which 90 in the 32085112 site of Huai’an City in our province, with a single injection amount of more than 31,000 yuan.

The two prize prizes in Xizhong in our province were born at No. 32040534, No. 35 Tea Food Street, Jiaze Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City. The lottery sales date is 19:14 55 seconds on December 6.The winning lottery is 20 yuan to select 5 bets double beta lottery. The winning lottery lottery has received a total of 2 first prizes and 2 first prize special prizes, with a total bonus of more than 15.77 million yuan.

The selected number is more than 10 years hobbies

Selected Double Vote during the prize period

“I have bought two -color ball for more than ten years, each period is 10 yuan!” Mr. Tang, the lucky lottery of 2022140, came to the Provincial Fucai Center to receive the prize office.Sky.Because the current betting is still in the two -color ball game award, Mr. Tang recently made twice the number after the number selection, and actively participated in the awards!

According to reports, Mr. Tang was native of Jiaze Town, Wujin District. After graduating from university in a foreign country, he found a job in Tianning District, Changzhou, and later settled home by the way.The lottery is his hobby. He has involved almost all the color species of the welfare lottery. From 15 selection 5, “3D” game, Qile lottery, to “Happy 8” games, he has participated in betting, and the number selection method is selected.All selected numbers, never random number selection.Mr. Tang said that looking at the trend chart and writing a number on the paper, for him, he was very involved, so that he would be happy and relaxed in addition to his busy work.Factors.

I do not forget to buy the lottery when I go home

The bonus allows parents to “ground gas”

Among all the colored species, Mr. Tang’s favorite is the two -color ball game with the reputation of “Cai City Aircraft”.He believes that the two -color ball game is a classic gameplay of the welfare lottery. It has been sought after by the majority of lottery people for so many years. Sometimes it takes a queue to participate in the betting on the lottery.

After get off work on December 6, Mr. Tang returned to his parents’ house with daily necessities and medicines that he helped his parents. Like the previous few issues, he v twice the number of already selected numbers.In the early morning of the next day, Mr. Tang, who hurriedly ate breakfast, checked the winning number as usual, and saw his second bet number exactly the same as the current winning number.Just drive straight to Nanjing!

Regarding this giant award, Mr. Tang said that he would first take out a sum of money to help his parents living on the top floor improve life.EssenceIn the end, Mr. Tang repeatedly thanked the welfare lottery, and said that when he went back, he would continue to support the welfare lottery public welfare cause, gathered the power for the big love, and added bricks.

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