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Old lottery people 7+2 small duplex grades Lottery 13.18 million bets 50 yuan per year


Winning lottery

The severe cold, all things in winter.At the end of this year, the first prize of the 22138th issue of the Dada Lottery of Dingzhou Dingzhou was added with a prize of 13.18 million yuan!On December 5, the lottery buyer came to Baoding Center to receive his bonus.

Talking about the winning experience, the buyer expressed excitement and surprise.For a long time, the lottery buyers have a soft spot for super Da Lochu games, and the amount of lottery purchases is around 50 yuan.Speaking of which, this is the second prize in Dingzhou City this year. The first first prize was on April 20 this year, because there was no addition, the bonus was only 7.05 million.The lottery buyers in this issue have seen fewer winning prizes. Recently, the betting model has been adopted. In the end, the kung fu is not attentive. With a 7+2 small duplex additional votes, he successfully won the superIn the first prize of the Grand Lotto, under the blessing of additional betting bonuses, it successfully exceeded 10 million to 13.18 million yuan.

After talking about the winning of the winning prize, the prize -based sales outlets expressed very happy. After the first prize of the first prize of the 22131 issue of the Super Lotto on November 16th, the sales staff saw the information of the winner at the time.In my heart, I can’t help but envy. If you always count your own sales outlets, if you have won the first prize, you will definitely share this joy and make more lottery buyers get joy.The sales outlets also said that in fact, I have been recommending the lottery to the buyer during the sales process. If the prize is really won, the bonus will definitely be even more surprising.Unexpectedly, all of the previous imagination were realized on December 3, 2022, and their own sales outlets have become a veritable award.I believe this special lucky will bring more good luck to this agent.

In 2022, there were three prizes for the first prize of the Dalong in the counties and cities in Baoding. Dingzhou won 2 bets. It is really a lucky place.

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