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Old Caimin Machine Selected Fudai 58 million: The carefully studied the selected number has not been in the selected number


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On the evening of January 1st, Fucai Happy 8 Game 2023001 Lottery.In the current period of “Select Ten Middle and Ten”, 2 bets are made, and the single bonus is 5 million yuan.Fujian lottery buyers won one of them and welcomed the new year to open the door!

It is reported that the award of Flower Falling in Daming Road, No. 138 Daming New Village, Daming New Village, Fuzhou City.The winning lottery is a duplex ticket with 11 numbers. It hit 10 lottery numbers. In addition to winning the 10th in the tenth, I also won 10 of the 10th.

It is understood that Mr. Wu (Hua’s surname) has many years of lottery purchase experience. He has played a little about all the games of Fucai, but only buy one type each time, not much to buy.Since the listing of happiness 8 games, he has begun to study happy 8. “The more you research, the more happy 8.”

Talking about the origin of this set of winning numbers, Mr. Wu said with a smile: “The numbers selected in the past have not won the prize. I did not expect that this set of random selected numbers was in the winning.Heaven has won the award, and it is really surprising. The first time I told my family that the New Year’s Day holiday came to receive the prize immediately. “

Mr. Wu said that sometimes this is the case.

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