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Old aunt 10 yuan machine selection of 7.38 million bi -color balls 7.38 million stocks to buy lottery


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In 2022134, the first prize of the double -color ball was opened, and the single bet was more than 7.38 million yuan. The Jiangsu Caimin occupied the half of the first prize of the current first prize. The aunt Li from Qinhuai, Nanjing was fortunate to be one of them.

The fourth betting number of this 10 yuan lottery is firmly locked in the 2022134 double -color ball award. The seemingly random God’s pen is really a coincidence that the “time and place” in the dark, and listened to the author.

Aunt Li, 60, was accompanied by his husband to the provincial Fucai Center to receive the prize. At first glance, he thought it was a combination of a husband and woman. Among them, Aunt Li carefully took out the big prize lottery and found that the question was misplaced.”60 years old, women, lottery for many years, and winning prizes.” These four fields are also the legend in the legend of winning.It can be said that Aunt Li’s hobbies completely subverted the established age.Unlike their peers, Aunt Li does not like to dance in the square dance and loves to buy Fucai.According to her, she has been buying the lottery for five years, which is precisely the fifth anniversary of retirement. Because the accounting profession is extremely sensitive to numbers, it is always happy to make it a “post -60s tide” in the sea and Cai City.The sea of shares made him up, and Cai City calmed to say?The investment in the stock market sometimes makes Aunt Li not calm, and the public welfare Lottery makes her not only find the fun of digital games, but also maintains calmness and peace.Take this winning prize, for example, this lottery ticket has a total of five yuan, the first two bets are the selected number, and the last three bets are the selection number. This is her consistent way of buying lottery.Every time I buy a lottery, I choose four or six.That is, when you buy the lottery, you must persist in selection, and the rest can be handed over to all the fate of God, which is also a good meaning.

The winning lottery number of this time is a random bet, with a fate of more than 7.38 million yuan.EssenceJust as a famous saying: There is no step in the morning or one step late. It happens to be met, everything is just right.Beginning with persistence, finally lucky, Aunt Li said happily that if it wasn’t for each issue to buy lottery at the same station, if it was not that the rain and rain for a while at that day, if it was not a puppy at home and walked out, at this time, the big prize would come here.It is still the same as the previous two -color ball lottery day, either on the way to buy lottery or on the way to buy lottery.Auntie Li’s mentality is very good. She did not know the first time the winning prize. She fell asleep earlier on the night of the lottery. Until Thursday, the two -color ball reappeared. She went to the site to buy lottery as usual.EssenceThis time, she purchased 10 yuan more than 10 yuan in “Four or six open” 10 yuan, totaling 100 yuan, which means that they are all perfect.

When asked if there was any regret for the Special Award of the Special Award of the Special Award of the Special Award of the Lottery of more than 20 yuan, Aunt Li calmly said, this is the joy of fate.Many people feel the charm of public welfare blessings.

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