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Official: Wu Shaocong joined Tuchao Istanbul to open the second stage to stay abroad

According to official news, the defender of Guangzhou team Wu Shaocong joined Tuchao Istanbul, and the two sides signed the contract until the summer of 2025.

Wu Shaocong is 22 years old and is the main player of the U23 national team. He participated in the East Asian Cup last July.Joining Tuchao is his second experience in the abroad. In early 2018, he went to Japan to act in the J1 league’s clear water to encourage the club.

According to “Sports+” reports, as early as 2021, Wu Shaocong was close to landing in Europe.At that time, a club from Western Europe coveted him, but eventually involved contract issues with the Guangzhou team and could not do it.

The Istanbul Club is called Istanbulbour Barcas, and is currently ranked third in the Turkish Super League.In the 2019/20 season, they won the Turkish Super League championship and defeated Manchester United in the Champions League.

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  1. It is estimated that it is difficult to have a chance to play, and it should be the weaker team.

  2. Anyway, I got a Super League champion

  3. A Wu Shaocong responded to the thick team and did not do good deeds, so I finished playing in ten years.| After practicing, come again [hee hee]

  4. The key is to play the game. Since you choose to go out, it is a wider development. Come on, Chinese teenagers

  5. The upper limit is limited, but when you go out to see the world, you always always see the world.Good things

  6. Wu Shao, come on!

  7. The guy has pursuit

  8. Just play the game!

  9. The rebellion of the rebellion to Evergrande, the short -sighted at that time, entered a relegation team

  10. Taishan has no hope anymore

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