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Official: Taishan officials have been abused the referee to suspend the race of 6,000 fines 60,000

On December 26, the official news of the Chinese Football Association, Shandong Taishan officials, Caishan, accused and abused the referees, suspended 60,000 yuan for 6,000 yuan.

After the 32nd round of the Chinese Super League against the seaport, the referee was ready to exit, and the Taishan club official Jian Zhe implemented non -sports behavior, accusing and abusing the referee, and the referee showed it to it.

The Chinese Football Association officially announced today’s fines for Jianzhe. Celery was suspended for 6 games without a penalty of 60,000 yuan.

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  1. ignorance.The league is organized by others. Do you want to drive away the boss when you go to work in a factory?

  2. Learn Wu Dao, you told it to touch your conscience, it is okay

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    Followtheorangetotheendoftheworld 12月 27, 2022 at 2:38 上午

    进 | | is also a waste team, steaming first forever, no harvest in granules, waste!

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    Followingtheendoftheorangetotheendoftheworld 12月 27, 2022 at 2:38 上午

    The dock team is really a waste, and the granules are not harvested every year!very pitiful!

  5. How can the folk dissolve a bureau -level power institution?

  6. Hehe, still my Hong Kong is awesome, the wealth is thick, and more than a hundred hundreds of millions of championships!

  7. Take a look at the waste team of the seaport. Such a good staff configuration, how many goals of the referee will blow out, and kick out this.Grade,

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    Heartrainfluttering_65482 12月 27, 2022 at 2:38 上午

    Support Cezhe!

  9. Celery is too impulsive. Harbor uses the referee once or twice. As for it

  10. Retrieve some face?

  11. Turn the referee grievancely, blame you to blame him to blame the schedule.[Applause] [Applause]

  12. Acceptance of the money: arrived at 60,000 yuan.

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