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Official: Li Jiayue, the foot of the women’s football team, joined Turkey Galatasare, Turkey

On January 3rd, the official news, Li Jiayue, the women’s football team, joined Galatasa, Turkey, and 13 people in the Chinese women’s football team reached 13 people.Galatasare women’s football team is currently in the highest level of Turkish women’s football team.

Li Jiayue, 32, is a central defender.In 2014, she went to the K -League Wishhara team to play.Since then, she has been working in Shanghai women’s football.Earlier this year, she won the Asian Cup championship with the Chinese women’s football team.Joining Galatasare is also the second time that Li Jiayue stayed in his career.

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  1. Because of the low attention, there are not so many oil heads and flower arms, and there are many false and rotten; the front -line treatment will be mentioned, and there will be more girls who play football. The youth foundation will be larger.The trend of rise is called a virtuous circle!

  2. Did Wu Haiyan look at them all out like this?Do not stay abroad to practice

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