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Official: Henan team officially completed the termination with foreign aid Dorla

On November 24, Songshan Longmen, Henan, officially announced that after negotiating with foreign aid Dorrado, it reached an agreement with the termination of the contract.

In the 14th round of the Chinese Super League this season, Henan Foreign Aid Dorado hit the referee Ma Ning in the game. The Football Association announced a heavy penalty for Gato in August: 12 months for the suspension, a fine of 200,000.

Official Announcement of Longmen, Songshan, Henan:

After negotiating with Duorado, the two sides reached an agreement on the termination of the contract. From now on, the player Dorladon officially ended his career in Songshan Longmen, Henan.

Since joining the 2019 season, Dorlado’s performance in the team has won the trust and respect of fans, teammates and clubs. Forty minutes of the airline’s first show, due to serious injuries and farewell to the field, to a year after a year to fight for relegation for the team. So far, 54 games, 23 goals, Dorrado’s diligent and persistent sports spirit, it has been in all The people’s hearts were deeply imprinted. The club thanked Dorla for contributing to Henan football.

A clear song is full of bottle wine, wherever life does not meet.

Real men will not be knocked down by any injuries and difficulties. I look forward to Dorlado who will return to Green in the near future, and wish him a new future in his career again.

Due to the epidemic reasons, the original Durador offline farewell will be canceled.

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