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Odom: The Sun mascot is very strange that the orangutan cannot be found in the desert

On November 26th, Beijing time, Odom felt that the mascot of the sun was strange.Recently, he was a guest show “Bootleg KEV”, thinking that the mascot of the sun was strange because there was no orangutan in the desert.

The mascot of the sun is a gorilla.Odom said: “You can’t find a orangutan in the desert, you may find a cactus. Do you know where the craziest part is? They choose orangutan just to make fans have a sense of participation, thisThat is why they retain this mascot, because fans like it. “

“But in my opinion, the sun’s choice of this mascot is not appropriate for the sun. Gorilla cannot represent Fenix. Fenix is the last city to recognize Martin Luther-Golden Ri.”

Listening to Odom said like this, I felt that the sun’s choice of Gorilla is indeed a little free.(魑))

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  1. Is this considered illegal recruitment?IntersectionYou know, the mascot of the solar team is my brother. I want to catch my talent to Phoenix

  2. Phoenix is born again, so the team of the Phoenix is called the Sun Team

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