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Novice 6 fishing misunderstandings: a pack of bait hit the world


Novice 6 fishing misunderstandings.

1. One pack of bait hit the world

Some fishermen fish in some places and feel that the bait effect is good. Later, the same bait will be used frequently in other fishing grounds. Certainly.

2. Stew a pot of porridge in bait

Some fishermen like to prepare more than a dozen bait with different flavors. When fishing, I can’t wait to add all the bait. In fact, the bait needs to be used for the right medicine. Essence

3. Excessive tangles adjust the number of fishing eyes

Many fishermen will simply use the fixed number of drifts as a reference when fishing. In fact, the drift is not completely pursuing a few fishing, and the final effect needs to be confirmed by itself. If the fish in the dens will be fishing, does it make sense for you to tune the four fishing two?

4. Radily fishing and not looking for the bottom

When some fishermen are fishing, they feel uneven at the bottom, the number of floats changes, and it is difficult to master the drift. This is caused by the reason why not find the bottom. After arriving at the fishing ground, the fishermen should find the bottom to detect the underwater situation, and then then open the bait, nest, and drift, etc., step by step.

5. Can’t catch the fish full of random skewers

Although the fishing does not advocate a blind perseverance, the fishermen cannot change the fishing position frequently. Fishing large fish in the wild is to wait patiently to wait for the nest. Xiaobian suggested that multiple nests can be made in advance, and the selection points are regularly fishing instead of turning around.

6. Just fishing for fishing ignore the home

Some fishermen are very addicted when they first come into contact with fishing. People who have seen people who have seen fishing are almost all of their lives. And such fishermen often ignore the harmony of the family, the treatment of interpersonal relationships, and after all, fishing is entertainment, and it is necessary to stop.

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