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Not worthy of Goat?Dejo changed his life against the sky!Adversity is his most powerful weapon


What kind of achievement can make Djokovic a Goat?

Let Er Chao three, Djokovic won the 84th ATP tour men’s singles championship, including 60 champions of the “Competition”, 19, 196, 36 Masters, ATP year -end year -end total There are 5 finals, as well as the longest number of “sitting” men’s singles world’s first throne.

Starting from the 16th battle against Musseti, Djokovic played four games with three games and won the case by turning over. Two of them were first lost two sets and then reversed. The way to win the gunman cup, this is unprecedented in the open age. The three giants have their own characteristics. Federer has the most elegant elegance and Nadal has the most extreme fighting spirit. So what is the most extreme in Dejo?

It is not necessary to repeat the difficulty of “breaking” in the early stages of career. Even in the past year, Djo has experienced a series of unsuccessful games such as the suspension of the event, the accidental infection of the new crown, the French Open finals, the cancellation of the Wimbledon, and the accidentally hit the game. I survived.

At the beginning of the year, the Australian Open three consecutive championships, and reached the 19th Grand Slam championship in Garos, Roland. In 2021, we look forward to Novak’s next 20 and 21 crowns … Perhaps Djokovic is still not Goat (the best in history) in the eyes of some people, but it is certain that he has taken at least a big step away from this goal.

Some honorary list of Djokovic

19 Slam (Australian Open 9, French Open 2, Wimbledon 5, and US Open 3)

Masters (36 crown)

End Finals (5 crowns)

Double -circle Grand Slam (reached on June 13, 2021)

Double Circle Gold Masters (reached on August 29, 2020)

The world’s first (cumulative 324 weeks)

The record of Funa Jiao Feng is dominant (30 wins and 28 losses for Nadal, of which the two wins in France.t. (27 wins and 23 losses for Federer, of which the three wins in Wimbledon)


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