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Nongxin Cup Jiang Dongrun takes Japanese celebrities and Chinese team, Kajia, is about to attack

On November 25th, the second stage of the 24th Nongxin Xinxin Ramen World Go team game started. In the 5th inning of the Korean and Japanese duel, South Korea Jiang Dongrun took the Zhiye Tiger Pill and won two consecutive victories. Tomorrow the Chinese team challenged Jiang Dongrun.

After more than a month, the Three Kingdoms Go Fire Fire again, and Japanese celebrity Tiger Tiger Wan appeared to challenge South Korea Jiang Dongrun.

Chess records: Jiang Dongrun VS Zhiye Tiger Pills

After guessing the first battle, the first battle was not played in the first battle. The two chess players in Black were attacked by the two chess players, which was very difficult. The next battle Jiang Dongrun went to the clouds, and moved the next white residue to the right. There were too many vulnerabilities in Black. After a full fierce battle, White eats Black on the left, Black takes the bottom right, and it looks like Black Right to the right, but the two parties to calculate the two sides are already winning or defeat.

The process has nothing to do with the victory and defeat. Zhiye Tiger Wan presented in the country and Yishan Yutai and the moment of power to drive together. The LG cup was hit by Yang Dingxin.

To 158 hands, Zhiye Tiger Wan confessed to defeat.

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    Pleasecallmethininthenewyear 11月 26, 2022 at 2:46 上午

    In case you win [Smiling]

  2. Who said yesterday who said that Zhiye Tiger Wan can win?

  3. The Chinese team is not easy to win South Korea. It is estimated that the early Korean championship in Japan is basically booked. Of course, Japan and us have achieved good results.

  4. Reply
    MingMeiisliketheislandoutsidethelightofthelight 11月 26, 2022 at 2:46 上午

    Ke Jie is one of the less Chinese teams, and the role of Zhou Ruiyang is the same as Zhou Ruiyang.

  5. Win South Korea in Japan, China won Japan

  6. The four people in this time, I think China does not need to produce coach

  7. Japanese Go is falling in China that can only be entertaining in China!

  8. Japanese Go now You can only entertain and entertain in China, and you ca n’t board the Temple of the World Championship!

  9. The probability of Korean people to kill the Japanese is very high. Chinese chess players are not sure.

  10. Why not let Ke Jie get revenge?

  11. Tiger Wan Zhenshui

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