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Non -liv players have also declined in the world ranking of Senchuan Simpson

On January 5th, Beijing time, 2022, not all players’ world rankings fell because of job -hopping to LIV golf.Among the top balls, the decline of Colin Morikawa is the most eye-catching.In addition, Weber Simpson and Chali Hofman also attracted attention. Let’s take a look at their situation in detail.

Colin-Senchuan is 25 years old, and he must not be old.But most of the time in 2022, he must feel old.

Colin Morikawa believes that this year is a stressful year, and his body feels wrong.His kick -off is basically the same as last season. He ranked 36th in the second season of the second season.Essence

So where is something wrong?In fact, the score of Colin Morikawa on the Glory has improved by nearly 0.4.But his attack on the green scores from the first place to the third place, which is equivalent to the reduction of 1/4 of the score of each round.

Weber Simpson will cooperate with a new coach when he starts a new year.At the end of last year, he left the long-term coach Buchi Hamon. He is now guided by Cameron McCormick, the latter is the coach of Jordan Spees.

Last season, Weber Simpson only won one top ten in the US tour.This is the first ten of his top ten since the 2015-16 season.He could break through the top 100 in the kick -off distance, but his hardcore technology fell, and the ranking of the Ridge scores fell to 80. You must know that he ranked sixth before two seasons.In addition, his push rod ranking has fallen to 93. You must know that in the past 4 seasons, his push rod ranking has entered the top 25 in the past 4 seasons.

Therefore, for the 37-year-old Weber Simpson, the problem is not only a swing, almost every one.And his situation did not get better.

In the autumn part of the US Tour, he lost more than 1.3 rod each round of each round.

-228 | 75-bit dropped to 303-bit (-3044%)

We miss Chali Hofman on Thursday of the American Masters.

Because Americans are famous for starting the first Great Fresh Fire in the year, they have not been in Augusta since they were tied for 29 in 2019.In the near future, he couldn’t go back.

In the past season, Chali Hofman played 25 stops in the US tour, but only won two top 25 places, ranking 161 in the Federal Express Cup.One year ago, he was still ranked 34th in the points competition, and now he can only rely on the career bonus list to obtain qualifications.

In addition to the QBE Grand Prix earlier this month, Chali Hofman rarely became news figures because of the performance on the field.The only time was the WM Phoenix Open. Charle Hoffman took out Instagram to express his dissatisfaction after encountering his so-called “joke” judgment, which attracted people’s attention.

-130 | 47-bit drop to 177-bit (-276.6%)

Like his partner Charle Hofman, Ryan Palmer can’t get the second world points for the second time the QBE Grand Prix earlier this month.In the past year, he has won only one top ten in 21 games worldwide. This is the first time he has encountered such a difficult situation since 2009.

You must know that a year ago, Lane Palmer had just climbed to 24, and it was only one position from his career.

After winning the top ten of the year-Byron Nielsen Championships tied for fifth place. Lean Palmer told reporters: “Comprehensive technology, cut rods, kick-off, every one is very effective now.”

However, at the end of the season, Lane Palmer dropped from 61 to 130 in the offensive Ridge scoring, and dropped from 89 to 170 on the push rod.Among the 8 rounds of data in the autumn, he scored only 170 in the score and kick -off score of offensive greens, of which the latter was particularly amazing.

-817 | 367-bit fell to 1184-bit (-222.62%)

Once regarded as the star of hope in 2011, with Jordan Sipi, Justin Thomasbi, Oli Schride Janes has not played a US tour this year. Since July 2019, he alsoOnly 5 games were played, and he ranked only 180 in the Federal Express Cup.

To make matters worse, he only played two games around the world this year.In January, at the two -stop glorious international competition in Bahamas, he was located at 61 alone in one stop, and the other stop announced 77 shots.

In 2023, Oli Schryard Janes should return, but we don’t know where it is.

-379 | 50-bit dropped to 153 bits (-206%)

The change is too much a year before.

Last year, Jinsagukota made 13 top ten in the world ’s 25 -stop competition, including a victory, a runner -up and one third place.This year, he only won the top ten, and he eliminated 14 stops in 25 stops.He is really bumpy up and down.

But at the age of 24, Japanese stars still have the opportunity to turn back the situation.At the end of this year, he won two top seven in the last 3 stations of the European Tour.

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