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NMM combination collectively lacks in Paris for 33 consecutive seasons to advance to French Cup 32

In the early morning of January 7, Beijing time, Paris defeated Satru 3-1 in the 1/32 competition in the French Cup and entered the top 32.

The stars such as Neymar, Messi, Mbappe, Wilate, Ashlav, etc. were missing, and Paris defeated the opponent with Ekitik, Sorline and Belnat.

Paris stopped the French Cup last season. Their opponent Shartru was from Faobi.After eliminating their opponents, Paris also became the first team in the history of the French Cup and advanced to the top 32 for 33 consecutive seasons.

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  1. The players can do it, and the performance on the field can be seen. The Greater Paris team has no level of Japanese players at the level. As a European club, the Greater Paris team enters the midfielder players.,,,,,, [Angry] [Poor] [Poor] [Poor] [Too happy] [too happy] [too happy] [too happy] [laugh] [laugh] [laugh] [laugh] [laugh]

  2. The main force of the Great Paris team is Neymar and Mbappe. Messi is just auxiliary role. Ramos is the main force of the back.[Too happy] [cute] [cute] [cute] [cute] [cute] [laughing cry]

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