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Nie Weiping: Kane decides to win the field of Go vision in England to win the national football team

On November 21st, Beijing time, the World Cup entered the second match day. Qatar lost 0 to 2 in Ecuador, the host of the unveil battle. England VS Iran, the Netherlands VS Senegal, and VS Wales in the United States will be played on the second match day. This afternoon, Nie Weiping continued to go to the “Nie Sheng Talking Ball” column to talk about the World Cup.

Qatar loses in Taima Conservative and hopes that the host can score a goal and get a point

Qi Sheng first talked about the feeling of watching the opening battle. I definitely refuel Qatar because Qatar represents Asia. This ball of Qatar’s tactics is quite conservative. They are not as conservative as capital. Most of the time, no matter where they get the ball, they go back, and the backcourt is very dangerous. The conservative tactics, coupled with the pressure that the host cannot lose, is abnormal as a whole.

Lao Nie made a ratio with Go. When you play chess, the situation is unfavorable. If it is general training or small competition, you may admit defeat, but you will definitely fight to the end in the world competition. And when your opponent fights with you, you will be under pressure, and the technology will be shape. If you can perform well in the world competition, you will generally become the top master. I think Qatar is very nervous, and the coach must be responsible.

At this time, the host mentioned that the coach of the Qatar team was the coach of the original Barcelona youth training. It was mainly transmitted by control.

Nie Weiping sincerely hopes that Qatar can score a point and even win a game, but the opponents in the back are stronger than them, and they must not have a small chance to the Netherlands.

The advantage of Yinghe has a great advantage. Kane decided to win England

The two strong teams were debuted by the two strong teams and the Netherlands later, and England VS Iran and the Netherlands VS Senegal. Nie Weiping’s prospects that from the absolute strength, England and the Netherlands are far above their opponents. There are more than one goal on the paper on the paper. Senegal has good physical conditions, but the Netherlands is likely to win several; England feels like “” Like the bulldozer “, the players are younger and feels stronger than the old England team. I definitely support Iran who represents Asia, but Iran can’t hold the probability of being too high.

For British and Healing, Lao Nie continued to comment. The most impact of England was Kane. He could decide the direction of the England team to win. According to England’s play, Kane could compete for the golden boots. The Netherlands is a team that can never be ignored. A large number of geniuses have appeared. From Cruyv, Basten, Gulit to Robben, my pension of the Dutch team is very impressive, such as the zero angle of Basten. Very comfortable, I can’t forget after many years.

Guli is a genius of football, national football, you should learn the vision of Go

The Go National Team has always had a tradition of playing football. Chess Sheng recalled that he also played in the 1980s. The position was the goalkeeper. Lao Nie laughed at that time, the person was nicknamed Zofev (Italian team’s old goal), but at that time he was afraid that the shot was too fierce. As a result, I was injured, so I was very careful when the door of my handle.

Nie Weiping has always praised Gu Li’s kicking skills. The Go team is very powerful in the football amateur team. If Guli plays, it is a genius of Chinese football. He often scores five or six in the usual game. One, seven or eight. Sun Jihai is now in Chongqing, and Gu Li often plays with Sun Jihai.

Talking about the national football team, the old Nie commented that the biggest problem of the national football team is that the ball can not be passed out, and the vision is too narrow. If you learn to go, the strength of the national football team can improve two grades. He is not tall, and his strength is not the best, but his vision is the most widely, and the passing is particularly in place. Rong Zhixing especially likes to play Go. He uses Go’s thinking way to guide football.

Some netizens asked Nie Lao to ask his Go style which team was like a team. Nie Weiping thought about it. My Go is a technical comprehensive, stable, and not shot without the heat. It feels a bit like Italian team.

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