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Nicklaus and the company can use their own name

On December 16th, Beijing time, a judge in New York ordered that Golf Nicklaus, who was sued by Jack Nicklaus, could use his name on the stadium design.

In May, Jack Nicklaus filed a lawsuit with 82-year-olds, condemning Nicklaus that “many malicious behaviors that were not in integrity and harmed the company’s maximum interests, including intentional and malicious destruction of the company’s behavior.”

The indictment includes Nicklaus to get cash compensation while promoting a event in Belgium, participating in the development of video games, and whether it is to play a certain role with the Saudi Arabic Public Investment Fund in Liv Golf.

Nicklaus sold the company in 2007, and counterattacking that these complaints were not facts, and they acknowledged that he had been evil with the company’s owners.

“Say better, our relationship is also quite difficult,” Nicklaus said. “I don’t have much doubt about the results, but I don’t want this to know about it all over the world, and avoid it.”

After a three -day hearing at the end of November, the judges of the New York High Court allowed Nicklaus to compete with former companies in the stadium design and other business, but advertising endorsements were exceptions.Nicklaus said he would provide design business through a new company 1-JN.

Nicklaus has designed more than 300 stadiums worldwide, and the classic works are Mushan Village in Ohio.The stadium is the place where he is a commemorative high game.

“I’m glad in my long life, more than one career. The first is the competitive career, and then the design stadium,” Nicklaus said. “Since I designed the first stadium, it has passed 50 years, butMy hot pillow is greater about the stadium design. I believe my thinking and creativity are better than before. I am full of pride and continue to create unforgettable and sustainable golf experience. These experiences in the next few yearsPeople can enjoy. “

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