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Nick-Yang shouted with two superstars or gathers T1 league

On November 21, Beijing time, Dwater Howard’s recent performance in the T1 league in Taiwan, China, has attracted the attention of many fans.Former NBA player Nick Yang stated in social media, hoping to play with Howard to play T1 competition.

In the second game of T1, Howard scored 23 points and 10 assists and 9 rebounds for quasi -three -double data, with a backbone of 61 points.

Seeing Howard had such an explosive performance, Nick Yang expressed his excitement on Twitter.

“I want to play again, can I go to your team?” Nick Yang wrote on social media.

Howard and Nick Yang have not yet joined forces in the NBA. If the two can partner in the T1 league, it will bring a huge influence to the entire competition.

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  1. The spark is a real superstar. Which superstar Nick Yang is the superstar?IntersectionIntersection

  2. Nick Yang has been holding children at home for several years, and I want to come up with the stuffy.

  3. Nick Yang is a superstar

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