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Neymar’s injury is not a big deal that can continue to play teammates: he can go to the next game

Brazilian coach Titte: “Don’t worry, Neymar will continue to play the World Cup, he will continue to play, this can be sure.” Teammate Rafinia: “Neymar is fine, he will play for a game.”

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  1. The disease is not light [weak]

  2. The group stage will not be on the group. The German group is a problem.Knowing who was washed by blood

  3. Can Germany go out?In the next game, try the Arsenal Brazil attack line combination

  4. Maer wants to hold the Brazil World Cup without a horse washed by German blood [laugh]

  5. confident point, remove “is it”.[Hee hee]

  6. Do you have a serious illness

  7. Seeing that you are still dazzling, dare to show up

  8. is still Prateini, dare to publicly ask the referee to protect Messi.Now there is no good chairman who protects such a calf.

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