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Newcomers will use “Wang” Gulf Town to create “new youth” in international chess

Article Source: Longyi Sports

“Shanghai Gulf Cup” 2022 National chess new player Wang Sai will be held from November 28th to 29th, 2022. Although this event will be carried out online because of the impact of the epidemic, its influence has not weakened. Many newcomers including the champion Huang Renjie and the female chess player Song Yuxin will compete for the “king” position to show the future hope of the Chinese country. This also fully meets the goal of creating a “most vibrant” sports and leisure town in the Gulf Town of the event organizer.

Sheng Qunhua, Secretary of the Party Committee of Gulf Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, said: Chess reflects the charm of wisdom, and “Newcomer King” represents the spirit of youth and the spirit of pioneering and innovative. In the new era ‘Happiness Bay “, we are very happy to usher in the new” Shanghai Gulf Cup’ “2022 National International Chess Newcomer King Sai. ‘The iconic activity of’ iconic activities is an important measure to promote the construction of a national “sports and leisure town ‘.”

Secretary Sheng Qunhua hopes that every player can fully feel the beauty of the bay and the beauty of the bay, to play a wonderful game with hard work and hard work, and leave a strong stroke in the process of climbing the peak of wisdom. When people came to the Bay, they made our bay into a representative ‘hometown of chess in China. “He also encouraged everyone to take a bath in the twelfth party congress of the city, and practice” Fengxian Mei, Fengxianqiang “together. New journey of high -quality development.

Fengxian Bay, which has the “most beautiful highway”, “most beautiful coastline”, “water falling feathers on the water”, and other online celebrities. In recent years, it has taken life and work centers for young people as a key development direction. The post station Youth Center was awarded 2021-2022 Shanghai 4A Youth Center.

Young people especially love sports competition activities. Based on their unique environment, the Gulf Town has carried out various sports activities unique. The hostels of equestrian, half marathon and other competitions are frequent colors of Gulf Town. Although affected by the epidemic this year, many on -site activities are restricted, and the Gulf Town has actively developed new forms of activities and competitions such as “online orientation competitions”.

Chess is undoubtedly the “reserved program” of the Gulf Town. The bay that has held chess games for many years in a row. The newcomer Wang Sai, a player under the age of 20, has become an iconic youth event in the Chinese national elephant.

There is a saying in the chess industry. The newcomer king is the stage of the “Denglong Gate” of the player. Many young chess players who lack the opportunities of the competition exercise have enhanced their confidence through the “Newcomer King” experience, and walked towards a wider stage.

Xu Yi, the winner of the two “Newcomer King” champion, and the platinum stone, Liu Yan, Li Yan, Dai Changren, who had outstanding performance in the newcomer king, have successively advanced to the “special master”. Among them, Xu Yi and Platinum Stone were the main force, and they won the championship of the top group competitions in the country with the team. Dai Changren crowned the national championship in the just -concluded 2022 National Personal Championship! Xu Zhixing, Wang Shizhen, Platinum Stone, Li Yan, etc. have been selected as the national team to win the country in the international arena.

It is also worth mentioning that Indian prodigy Guksh and Armenia rookie Maltiroson, who was invited to participate in the third newcomer king (International Invitational). Guksh was successfully promoted to the special master in March 2019. At that time, he was only 12 years old, 7 months and 17 days. He was the second younger master in the history of chess, second only to Kariakin. In the Indian Qinnai Olympics in 2022, Guksh’s skills were shocked. Leading the Indian Second Team to get the third place in the group. Last month, Guksh also defeated the king of chess in an Internet fast chess game, becoming the youngest player who defeated Calson! Maltirosi has grown into A Mainia No. 2 player, and has also won the famous Russian Airlines Cup Open taunter champion!

The female chess player who participated in the newcomer king competition also grows very quickly: Zhu Jiner is currently ranked first in the world’s young women’s chess players. It has just won the third place in the International Chess Federation Women’s Grand Prix. Known as “after the next stop”. Ning Kaiyu, who also participated in the national group competition on behalf of Shanghai, won the runner -up of the National Personal Championship last year, and at the same time harvested the second women’s preparation. At present, she is ranked seventh in the world’s young women.

Due to the upper limit of the setting, every year, the newcomer Wang Sai will have some familiar “veterans” to leave, and at the same time, there will also be some “new faces”, showing their vitality and potential on the 64 -square stage. After these vigorous future kings and chess, they will develop and progress with the young Gulf Town, and jointly write their “new youth era” together.

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