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New scene, new wonderful -the service upgrade of the Fucai studio helps the Sunshine Lottery

“Public welfare, Sunshine Lottery. Good evening audience friends …” This is the opening greeting of everyone’s familiar live broadcast show. I believe many people have noticed that the Lottery lottery scene in the live broadcast is now different from the past.

In the live broadcast of the lottery show, the screen behind the host is larger, the stage under the feet is wider, and the entire studio is more fashionable and full of technology. This is the first dance -beautiful scene transformation since 2014.

After buying the lottery, many people want to get the lottery information as soon as possible to see if they are the most lucky people. In order to meet the needs of the public, especially the lottery, the Zhongfu Caicai Center has lived on a two -color ball award on April 1, 2004 through April 1, 2004.

From Fuxingmen Fucai Booth Hall to Futai President Research Institute, to the current Fucai Lottery Broadcasting Hall in the North Fourth Ring Road, the area of ​​the studio has become larger and larger in the past 18 years, and the results of the lottery live broadcast programs have become better and better Essence

At present, the Fucai Lottery Hall is responsible for the live broadcast of the two -color ball, 3D and Qilec. This transformation highlights the characteristics of the lottery, with the goal of improving the work efficiency and safety of the lottery site, and at the same time introduce advanced dance beauty production concepts to further enhance the visual effects of the live broadcast screen and better help Fucai Sunshine Lottery.

In the latest “Fucai Lottery” live program screen, the most significant change is the expansion of the stage area. Compared with the renovation, the main stage formed a more coherent overall structure, which not only increased the visual space of the studio, but also had important practical value. It was more convenient for hosts and notary personnel during the live broadcast process. “From the perspective of personal feelings, the biggest difference is now the stage is flatter and wide. The layout and preparation before the lottery requires us to move frequently between different areas of the stage. Sometimes we have to push the table of the ball. After one, it feels more convenient, efficient, and safer. “The staff at the lottery site also transformed the stage of the studio to” praise “.

In terms of functional area layout, the main stage is divided by light gold, dark gray, and black ground glue, divided into the main opening area, notarized seat area and spare lottery area. The prizes include double -color balls, 3D, Qile Cai Lottery Area, Host and News Broadcasting Area. It is set in the position with the highest degree of attention in the middle of the round stage. The seat area is a separate structure in space. It is separated from the main stage, which can better highlight the fairness, independence and importance of the notary in the process of Fucai. The prizes are used for black and gold transitions, forming a visual distinction with the main prize area.

This transformation has also been upgraded to the large screen system of the studio. The total area of ​​LED screens has increased to more than 60 square meters. The accurate stitching technology of small -distance distance screen unit is used to achieve the seamless effect of optical display, which looks more beautiful in the live broadcast screen.

The Fucai lottery prizes broadcast on time every night are the public to understand the public, the most intuitive and most convenient window of Fucai, and feel the public, fair, and fair and most intuitive and most intuitive. Based on the transformation and upgrading, on the basis of ensuring the safety and smooth progress of the lottery work, the visual effects of the live broadcast have greatly improved, so that the sunlight and transparency of the Fucai award entered the hearts of more lottery buyers.

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