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New Keyou Champions Champion Riyadh New Moon won 340,000 yuan per person.

On November 27, the news came from Saudi Arabia that the Saudi Crescent Crescent Team, which has just won the 2021 AFC Champions League championship, won a reward. Because the team won the AFC Champions League within 3 years, and became the team with the most championships in the AFC Champions League history, the Saudi Sports Department recently announced that it will distribute up to 200,000 Saudi Trial (equivalent to RMB About 340,000 yuan) bonus.

Saudi Sports Minister Abdul Aziz Bin Turki Faysar went to the scene to watch the game during the finals of the AFC Champions League. After the game, he also entered the team’s dressing room to celebrate the championship with all the players.

On November 25th, Prince Faysar revealed through his personal social platform that in order to recognize the achievements made by Liad New Moon for Saudi Football, the Saudi Sports Department will distribute 200,000 Saudi Trial to each player of the team. Bonus. It is understood that this is no longer the first public award in the football team. During the current World Cup qualifier, if the Saudi team can win, it will also receive a reward.

It is understood that the Riyadh Crescent Team has recently launched the preparation of the national league. According to the plan, the new World Cup Tournament will be held on November 29, and the competition will be held in the UAE in February next year.

Text/Beiqing-Beijing Headline reporter Xiao Yan

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