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NBA2K23 ability value Update: Zion rises to 92 libraries and falls 1 point

On December 16th, Beijing time, NBA2K23 released the latest player ability value update this season.

Among them, the most up of this time was the Pelican star Zion Williamson. After led the team to the first in the west, Zion’s ability value rose 4 points to 92.

Warriors star Stephen-Curry Power Value-1 Return to 96, thick eyebrow capacity +1 lattice 94, Paul’s ability value-2 to 87, Booker ability value -1 to 91, Lillard +1 to 91, Harrybrton +1 came to 89, Krey Thompson +1 came to 85, John Wall +2 came to 81.

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  1. Gorilla fans hated Curry to break the teeth, and the three crowns were destroyed in the hands of the Kuku, otherwise it was over Jordan

  2. How can Jenmus 96

  3. others brush, what are you?Sticking feces on the brush?

  4. Curry should be affected by the record, unlike rhubarb, can bring the bottom team to the penultimate [hee hee]

  5. Curry to brush?Are you lacking for eight minutes in the last few seconds?

  6. How could it be 86?Vekins is only 84, Grant is only 82, and a player only has the ability to spend money every year

  7. Do n’t face it downstairs

  8. Haha orangutan is particularly this year.Curry is definitely the top three leagues, and those who can be compared with the letters and teachers.However, a 96 -point player is a bit funny. Is there any 86? The game is only true. Do n’t be true. The alliance that hooks someone in the real level can find three or fifty, and the score is rare than him.Understand

  9. Haha actually said that Curry brushes, so funny.

  10. Where is it?96 does not seem to be in the game.

  11. How about Curry?One brush.

  12. James 96, how about defense?[Laughing without saying a word]

  13. Curry can still decrease like this, rhubarb should drop to around 80

  14. 92 is too high, the defense is not good

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