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National (indoor) youth golf Open Final Final Day Review

National cloud battle, witness the birth of the star! On November 20th, Beijing time, the “National Terrace Cup” 2022 National (indoor) Youth Golf Open, which has attracted much attention from all walks of life, ended the fierce competition for the weekend. At present, nearly 500 participating players across the country have completed the competition except for the extended area affected by the epidemic.

As the first nationwide and indoor golf matches hosted by the China Golf Association for the first time, this competition aims to tap more potential teenagers to help more young people realize the dream of championships, thereby promoting the better development of the Volkswagen Golf strategy. The event is set to three ABC groups, divided into two competitions: golf respect and Ruge, and the final performance will not only harvest medals and certificates, but also the top three in each group also have the opportunity to get the host event of the Chinese high school (outdoor youth 1-4 1-4 For the qualifications of the competition, the first three in Group A can also obtain the recommendation qualification of the “Chinese and High School Olympic Dream Team”.


Golf Response Division results

As of now, the Golf Response (PGA National Golf Club-Manor Stadium) has won the leader A of the men and women in the three rounds of total scores of 222 and 197 Liu Yuting and Pang Runzhi; Hu Haoxiang and Ren Jiuran, who were 256th and Ren Jiuran; Liu Hanlong, who finished the two rounds of 147, temporarily dominated the men’s group C, and Yang Jiefei, who also played 147, won the women’s group C.

For the Song Division (Beijing CBD International Golf Club-Ru Ge 3D Stadium), after three rounds, the leaders of the men and women A and women were Jin Chenxing (201str) and Liu Xin (220 shot); Sun Ruke (216 shots) and Zhao Chunxiao (223st) led the men’s and women’s group B; Zhou Xuchen of the men’s group C played two rounds of 135 to get the lead, and the women’s group C was dominated by Nie Rui by 141.


Ru Ge Division Score

“Give myself 80 points as a whole! I am very satisfied with the grade ranking, but some small details on the push pole can actually be better handled.” After the game after the game, although it was the first time to participate in the indoor competition, she had always been strictly requested by the professional champion of the professional champion. The coach of Golfzon Range Tianjin flagship store told me that the organizing committee will provide a recommendation qualification for the top three (Group A) to provide the Olympic Dream Team. Many of my brothers and sisters in the Tianjin team are also national teams, so I also I look forward to being able to join one day. “

Also affected by parents and the expectations of entering the Olympic Dream Team is Jin Chenxing. The Qingdao guy from the men’s group A in the Rulai Division was more and more brave in the two days. Fortunately, the adjustment and the top of the leading list are all the best. Four years of Jin Chenxing concluded and shared, “In fact, the simulator’s help to me is very large, because rich data helps us find out the problem more efficiently and make corresponding adjustments.”

“Yes, one of the benefits of the simulator is that you can use rich data to make more targeted adjustments.” The mother of Sun Rick, a man in the Song area, also agreed. Like Jin Chenxing, Sun Rick, from the Jiangsu Yigel Stadium, is also not ideal for the first round of performance, but it also retrieves the state in time and won the lead. “In addition to technology, mentality is also very important. In fact, the final test is the mentality.” Mother Sun, who has more than 20 years of age, said that after the child fell in love with golf, she had a better training and even self -examination psychologist and even self -examination. The coach certificate also opened my own indoor stadium. “I have been in Japan for more than ten years, and I have been in contact with golf earlier. I am also optimistic about the help of the indoor hall to cultivate young players. Funny, it is also easy to stimulate children’s fun. “

“Especially for young children, interested interest is even more important!” The mother of Yang Jiefei, a women’s group C group in the Golf Division, also held the same view. “This is why we participate in the event. Dynamics and improvement technology. “

Of course, Yang Jiefei’s strength from Golfzon Range’s Tianjin flagship store is also quite powerful. After two rounds, he also led the list with 147 shots. “I want to give myself a hundred points! I was frustrated, but I didn’t give up. I thought that as long as the birds were caught in the future, there was still a chance. I didn’t expect to catch 3 birds back. ” My dream is to stand on the Olympic stage like Sister Feng Shanshan to win glory for the country. “

With dreams as horses, live up to Shaohua! At this point, the fierce competition of the 2022 National (indoor) Youth Golf Open came to an end. Next, let us look forward to the final ranking list after the results of the complement area are released!

“Guo Taiwan Cup” 2022 National (indoor) Youth Golf Open, hosted by the China Golf Association, Town Title Sponsorship of Guizhou Guotai Wine Industry Sales Co., Ltd., hosted by Beijing Yizheng Heng Sports Development Co., Ltd.For the event co -organizer.At the same time, the competition also received strong support from Guizhou Xingyuan Chunye Development Co., Ltd. and Golf brand PGM.This competition has a live broadcast of the event, respectively at the China Golf Association, Guogai Wine, the CCP Volkswagen Golf, Sina Golf, Satellite TV Golf, Golfzon, Ru Golf, PGM Golf WeChat video number and Volkswagen Golf-CGA official DouyinThe number is broadcast live.The live broadcast of this competition was exclusively presented by Dalian Competition Sanyun Technology Co., Ltd.

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