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National Go Championship (Group) In the first round, 5 South Korean foreign aid 4 wins and 1 loss

On November 15th, the 2022 National Go Championship (group) played in Wuxi, Jiangsu in the first round; in the men’s group B, the China -Japan Friendship Team, the Beijing Chess Academy Team, and the Shanxi Yuan Fathering Team scored 2 points; Zhejiang YunThe five teams such as the Linqi Zen team and the Hangzhou Intellectual Sports School team tied 1 point; the five teams including the Shanghai Qing team and the Fujian Go team failed to win the start.Of the five participating South Korean foreign aids, only one person defeated.

The following is the first round of male B:

In terms of Women’s Group B, the Guangdong Water Margin team Korean foreign aid Zheng Youzhen lost to Yang Zixuan, but Cai Bihan Huang Ziping’s teammates defeated their opponents respectively to get the door to the team;In the script, foreign aid won the other two teammates and lost to the Chongqing team in the first round.

The following is the first round of women’s surround B:

Men’s group C’s detailed fruit is as follows:

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