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Mu Shuai: Pogba danced to the French team on the Eiffel Tower to death

Mourinho criticized France’s performance against Switzerland on Thursday. He believed that Pogba was too proud of the goal, and Dechang was also defeated. [The European Cup 1/4 final profit cheats are here!] [Download the app to double the profit!]

Pogba entered world waves, expanded the score to 3 to 1, danced with Jin Peibei, and then danced again. Mourinho commented on the former subordinates. “The French team can only blame themselves. The start was bad, but it recovered well and showed huge talents. But I don’t like to see the way they celebrate the third goal.

“I have a feeling, these guys have celebrated on the Eiffel Tower, I finished here and went there again. I don’t know what they danced, but they danced a few different dances. There were 20 more than the end of the game. In minutes, the game has not been killed yet. “

Mourinho criticized Dechang’s negative replacement. After Griezmann was replaced by Sisopo, Gavulanovic equalized the score. “Their performance in the last few minutes of the game is not the best. They think that the game is over. When the risk of overtime, they let Glezman go out, then lost the ball, and entered the overtime. Then this book. Zema was injured, and everything became wrong.

“In the team of death, the French team can only blame themselves. Portugal and Germany lost to Belgium and England, respectively. In football, it is possible to lose to excellent teams.”

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