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Mu Shuai: Although Cristiano Ronaldo has not scored recently, if he won the World Cup Golden Boots, it is not unexpected

Portuguese coach Mourinho predicts in an interview that Ronaldo is expected to get golden boots at the World Cup this year.

For the Four of the World Cup, Mu Shuai predicts that Brazil, Argentina, Portugal occupy three seats, and France, England or Germany compete for the remaining seats.

For the dark horse of the World Cup, Mu Shuai is optimistic about England.

For the World Cup Golden Boot Award, Mu Shuai is optimistic about Ronaldo, saying that although Ronaldo can’t score the ball recently, if he won the Golden Globe in the World Cup, it was not surprising.

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  1. The two Portuguese clown, stupid to go [Yun Bei]

  2. This Mu Muzi is really ugly now

  3. How can Ronaldo make you hate him so much?

  4. Are you talking about Abro?

  5. Who is Luo Abou?

  6. You can

  7. Reply
    LingRhinoisconnected202211 11月 22, 2022 at 3:04 上午

    Mu Hurbu is like a fly, how can there be him? There is a traffic.

  8. The old man can understand the president too much

  9. Impossible

  10. Poison milk!

  11. Do you believe that the finals, the finals of Portugal to Argentina, and the Ronaldo finals, they all scored and missed penalties. Cristiano Ronaldo Golden Boots Portugal won the World Cup for the first time. Retired

  12. Kun Kun worshiped Luhan New Year! Intersection

  13. It should be said that if the Cristiano Ronaldo is launched and full of the audience, the Portuguese capacity group is definitely a surprise

  14. Although Mu Shuai is a fellow with Ronaldo, it rarely boasts of Ronaldo. optimal. Are you weird?

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