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Mourinho: England Yiyi Rotating 3 Red Devils Captain Red Army Captain

Mourinho said in a video connection on Thursday that the European Cup 1/4 final against Ukraine, England ushered in rotation opportunities. [The European Cup 1/4 final profit cheats are here!] [Download the app to double the profit!]

Macui, Rice, Philips, and Fudden currently have cards. Mourinho suggested that Sosgate rotate three players. “I will not change the backbone of the team. Three of the 4 players will be rotated, because you want to defeat Ukraine, you can do it with any player.

“Macquer did not make full preparations for the European Cup, so I think this is an excellent opportunity to rest, so that it will not accumulate yellow cards to prevent him from participating in the semi -finals nor too fatigue.

Speaking of Rice and Philips, “I can answer without pressure. I would say that both of them were rest. You don’t need Rice and Philips to defeat Ukraine, only one of them is needed.

“I am willing to believe that Henderson has the conditions for playing. The way Rice ended the game to exhaust his scout! I believe that the semi -finals will be much more rare than the 1/4 final. England does not need to put some players in a territory of extreme fatigue. Rice and Philips have a great rest, and then play the greatest potential in the semi -finals and finals.

“But that’s what I said. I have no pressure and no responsibility. If I guess what Sosgate will do, I will say that Henderson adds one of Rice and Phillips.

“The two major engines in the midfielder will be complicated, and one of them can be cope. From the perspective of fatigue, using the technologies owned by England to determine which one needs more rest. The final must be played in a 100%state. “

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