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Mourinho: Benzema missed the opportunity to take the Golden Globe Award, he is very similar to Kane

Mourinho said in a video connection on Thursday that Benzema missed the opportunity to win the Golden Globe, and he was very similar to Kane. [The European Cup 1/4 final profit cheats are here!] [Download the app to double the profit!]

Mourinho said: “He is a bit sad for my out of France, because I think Benzema may finally have the opportunity to get golden balls or similar awards. It’s right.

“Benzema is amazing. He played well under the huge pressure. When he returned to the national team, he was under tremendous pressure. He was very outstanding. It was wonderful to play in Switzerland. Benzema was running. The passing of the ball was behind him. He touched the ball with his left foot and continued to attack in front of him, and then the goalkeeper attacked to form a huge barrier. Speaking, this is the wonderful goal of excellent players. “

Mourinho believes that Benzema is similar to Kane. “Sometimes I will be asked. When I am in Tottenham, I will try to compare Kane with other strikers. I always use Benza because they Even if there is no goal, it will still make a lot of contributions to the team.

“If the other striker does not score, there is no contribution. They just broke up, and the two are not just shooters. Benzema can play on the 9th or play on the 10th. When he was young, he was with me when he was young. , I use Higuain at the 9th position, and Benzema sometimes behind him or in the two wings. He pays great attention to himself and prepares. Now his physical condition is better, more, more stubborn than 10 years ago , Fast. “

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