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Morikawa was too frustrated last year. A record was the difference between the exertion.

On January 7, Beijing time, in 2022, the first victory of Colin Morikawa’s young career did not win.Just started this year, he seemed to be cleaned up quickly.

Colin Morikawa was accurate in the early morning, and at the end of the round, he grasped the score hole. In the second round of Friday, 66 shots were scored, 7 shots below the standard rod, and won 2 leads in the sentry championship.

He scored 130 in two rounds, less than 16 as a standard pole. He did not swallow a bogey in the 36 -hole competition of the Caparuwa Plant Pymalisa Stadium.

“When encountering such competition conditions such as wind, and the flagpole is inserted in such a position, your distance control and ballistic must be very accurate.EssenceJ.J. spanun said.

Colin-Morikawa has the opportunity to tie the 36-hole record created by Cameron-Smith: 129, lower than the standard pole.He was in front of the 18th cave, but his cuts were defeated. The small ball rolled over 30 feet, and his bird pushed into the cave and rolled away.

Such a mistake is inevitable, he can accept it.He is even more interested in that he has improved compared to last year.For a long time in 2022, he struggled in golf for the first time.

After graduating from the University of California Berkeley, Corinthon Senchuan won the United States Tour within two months.In the first two years of the US Tour, he has achieved two Grand Slam victory.A year ago, he even had the opportunity to reach the world’s first place.

But in the last 8 stops last year, he only won one top ten.In addition to swinging and pushing rods, Colin Morikawa believes that the depression brought by his level is not the most important reason for the harsh attitude.

“It’s very difficult, but this is golf. I have learned lessons from it,” Corolin Morikawa said. “You realize: see, such things are difficult to avoid. You can only remove yourself, learn from it, do the lesson, do to do it, do it, and do it.It is better. If I failed to improve, I couldn’t spur myself to work harder, inspire myself, achieve the level I want to achieve, and complete the set goals, then I have no reason to feel frustrated.

“I feel frustrated because I know what level I want to reach.”

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  1. The third round was not so calm as Schverler.[whee]

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