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Morikawa is abnormal shocking the record of the nine caves after the collapse.

On Sunday, January 9, Beijing time, Colin Morichuan encountered a historic big collapse in the sentry championship. The important one was the three holes of the latter nine caves.

In fact, when Colin Senchuan destroyed 25 yards of sand pits, played No. 14 in the Caves Ridge, and swallowed Bai Bo, he still led 3 shots.

But on the 15th cave, the five -rod hole, his five wood hit the right, the ball rolled down the slope, leaving him a very scary rod.He had to cut the ball uphill, and the deeper strange grass pattern was waiting for him.As a result, his rod was defeated and swallowed Bai avoid.

Then on the 16th hole, his dug rod did not hit enough. The ball rolled out of the front of the green and rolled to about 70 feet from the flagpole. He was very unfortunate.

“He (Joan Ram) still scored 63 shots,” Corolin Senchuan said. “When there is a need, he must have caught the bird. But I also swallowed Bo.When swallowing Bai avoids, the price is very high. I must be under pressure. “

Colin Morikawa finally tied the US Tour records and lost 54 holes the biggest lead: 6.Another eight players were also in this doom, the nearest of which was Scott Sherle, which happened in the tournament of last year.However, the number of starting rods was set according to the Federal Express Cup ranking.When it comes to the ordinary Biography, the last thing happened in the 2017 HSBC championship.Dustin-Johnson also lost 6 advantages.

It looked shocked when Colin Senchuan walked along the 17th roadway.In the last round, there were 7 shots when he was the most ahead, but suddenly he found that he was behind 3 shots, hoping to lose a little bit.

Joan Ram was also surprised.He knew that he was behind a lot. When he walked down the road on the 17th, he saw the electronic scoring board.He saw his photos appearing on the screen, and his position was written “1”, not even the “T1”, which was tied side by side.

Joan Ram turned his head and looked at Adam Hayes, and said to him, “What happened?”

This is more than a year, and Colin Morikawa collapsed for the second time.At the end of 2021, he won 5 lead in the Hero World Challenge, and he had the opportunity to reach the world’s first place without winning.He scored 76 shots and slipped to fifth place.

“I will definitely feel pain, but I will survive it because we are still in a relaxed part of the season,” said Colin-Morikawa.

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    Runningallthewaytostoptalking 1月 10, 2023 at 2:47 上午

    It should be satisfied. After all, I have taken two Grand Slam, God will not let you go smoothly

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