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Mori: Saudi Arabia reverses Argentina to inspire me to stay in the foreign army.

The Japanese team defeated the German team 2-1 in the first round of the World Cup group stage. Japanese coach Mori Mori said that the Saudi team defeated the Argentine team the previous day inspired him.

On Wednesday, in the group E game, the Japanese team reversed the German team 2-1 under a backout.After Senbao said after the match: “We know, as long as we do not allow opponents to score the goal again, we will have a chance to persist in the end.”

“We have 7 Bundesliga players, 1 Bundesliga player, and many players play in the major European leagues. This is very helpful for us. Germany is a powerful team, but our players are calm and calm and calm.Be patient. “

The German coach Flik was disappointed with losing the game. “Very disappointed. We have a lot of ball control and are worthy of the lead, but then we missed a lot of opportunities. We can’t make similar personal mistakes anymore.”

On Sunday, the Japanese team will play against Costa Rica, and the German team will play against the Spanish team. The Spanish team won the Costa Rica 7-0 in the first round of the group stage.

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  1. The German team felt that the midfielder was disconnected from the defender, and the people were high but seemed insufficient. Instead, Japanese players were alive and lively.

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