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Money is not a universal host Catal group, the opportunity is slim

The development of football is inseparable from money, but money is not a panacea.Qatar smashed $ 220 billion for the World Cup, but the national team is likely to be a group tour in the World Cup.

After losing to Ecuador, Qatar’s outlook is slim.

Next, Qatar will face the African champion Senegal and the World Cup Unpolish King of the Netherlands. The strength of these two teams is still above Qatar.

Qatar is likely to suffer three consecutive defeats in the group competition, and such achievements will be the shame of the host of the World Cup.

Football is really a difficult career, and it is really not possible to smash it by money alone.The youth training system, football culture, clubs and league construction, and the tradition of national teams can be created by money in just a few years.

Many countries in the world should take this as a ring.

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  1. Many countries in the world should take this as a precept, and Cejio must be produced by products.

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