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Modric talks about Ronaldo’s absence of the Golden Globe Award: You need to respect your opponents


Modric attended the awards ceremony

Although the 30 candidates who failed to enter the Golden Globe Award this year, Modric still came to the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, and also participated in the most important scene: as the last Golden Globe winner, he personally handed over the trophy trophies in person. By this year’s winner Messi.

This is a major founding of the Golden Globe Award this year, and “French Football” hopes to fix this operation in the awards ceremony.

In an interview, Modric said: “Being able to come to the awards ceremony and award the trophy to Messi, this is a kind of pride. He is worthy of the Golden Globe. I think the last winner passed the trophy to the new The winner is a good practice. It is a proof of mutual respect and common development. This is beneficial to the competition itself. We are opponents, but not enemies. Many things in football often become extreme, which can help improve the situation. There are such measures in other sports, which are now realized in football. This is good. “

Modric especially praised Messi: “Messi’s performance is unforgettable, and everyone can see this. His football looks unreal, but only proves that he is an impressive player, a history, a history One of the best players, everything he does is worthy of admiration. He must congratulate him. “

Regarding the issue of the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony in Cristiano Ronaldo, Modric said: “The first question you give me is controversial. Let me talk about my situation, I am satisfied with it. Respect, even if you ca n’t win the prize, you must come here for respect, because this is celebrating the football itself. Because of this, I came here to celebrate football and to show respect, which is very simple. “


Modric Social Media

Modric also expressed the same view on social media: “Sports and football are not only about winning or losing, but also respecting your teammates and opponents” (Ivan)

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