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Mitsubishi Electric Automation Open Xiao Bowen and Chen Yilong tied for 54 holes


Xiao Bowen

On December 3, the Chinese Professional Golf Tour · Mitsubishi Motor Automation Open ended the third round of the game at the Taihu International Golf Club in Suzhou.The storms of today’s stadium have increased challenges to players.After Shandong player Xiao Bowen scored 71, Chen Yilong, who handed over 74 shots in this round, was led by 54 holes.”Dark Horse” Korean player Jiang Yong played today’s single -round best result: 69, with a total score of 216, currently ranked third, and will also enter the leading group for the first time tomorrow.

Today, Xiao Bowen played smoothly all the way.After catching two birds in the first three holes, his total score reached -3, climbing to the first place.In the subsequent game, Xiao Bowen has been steadily stabilizing. The 8th hole swallowed Bai Ji and the 11th hole to catch the birds to recover the loss and remained at -3.In the 15th hole, after he swallowed the second bogey of the audience, he completed the round of the game with 71 shots, with a total score-2 shot, and tied with Chen Yilong to lead 54 holes.

Xiao Bowen, 32, began to contact golf while working at a practice ground in Beijing at the age of 16.He transferred his career in 2012 and held a cup in the domestic field many times. He also won the Asian Golf Championship in Xiamen in 2017. He won the Asian Tour Card in one fell swoop. It is the representative of the domestic golf players in recent years.”I am glad to lead the finals in the Mitsubishi Motor Automation Open. As a professional player, every time I participate in the competition, I am very involved! This is my job and my favorite thing.” Xiao Bowen said that as a professional professionPlayers, he was lucky enough to receive the support of his predecessors such as Cheng Jun and Liang Wenchong.

As a 10 -year “old profession”, Xiao Bo’s text also came to the field and also had a lot of experience. “Playing in such weather is easy to make mistakes. Therefore, you must maintain a stable mentality and calm mind.” Next, side by side. “Leading the crown, he said he would not think too much.”There are too many uncertain factors in the golf arena! Chen Yilong is a very good young player. We often have the same group. His ball is far away, the style of the ball is very good.Location, I hope we can play their own level and bring you a wonderful game! “


Chen Yilong

Today, Chen Yilong, a 36 -hole leader who held the two -shot advantage, was very twists and turns. Two twin cypress mistakes appeared in the 5th and 7th holes, and once fell to the lead list.However, he was tenaciously caught two birds in the last 6 holes and handed over 74 shots. He returned to the lead list with a total score below 2 and 214.”It’s raining all day today. I knew it must be a very difficult day before kicking off. Be patient, and then look for opportunities. Don’t rush forward blindly.” After the game, Chen Yilong concluded that he was very today.After implementing this strategy, I was patient with patience and retrieved the rhythm, and handed over a remarkable round!

On Sunday, Chen Yilong will be the first time in the Chinese professional golf.Fighting and fighting for good performance! “In 2018, Chen Yilong once played the Chinese team to fight the Jakarta Asian Games and has historically won the group silver medal; now, he is going through professional events and hopes to achieve more achievements.

Professional player Jiang Yong also performed very well today. After he played 69, he rose to third place with 216 shots. He will also compete with Xiao Bowen and Chen Yilong tomorrow.In this round, Jiang Yong caught a bird and eight palas in the top 9 holes. After the transfer, he caught two birds in the 10th hole to the 12th hole.The last 5 holes caught two birds and swallowed two cypresses. Jiang Yong ended the game with 69 shots.”I am very satisfied with this achievement, and it is more in line with expectations,” after the game, Jiang Yong said.He was born in Heilongjiang in February 1991 and was a Korean. When he was a child, he lived in South Korea with his parents in South Korea.At the suggestion of his family, Jiang Yong started learning in South Korea when he was 15 years old. Later, he returned to China to continue golf system training. He had practiced in Nanshan, Shandong for ten years.In order to better improve himself, he participated in the Chinese Tour Qualification Exam in Hainan in 2022 and obtained the mid -term tour card this season.

“This week, when I came to the Mitsubishi Electric Automation Open, I hope to get into the top 30.” Jiang Yong, who is teaching in a practice ground in Shanghai, said that he came to the field on Tuesday and he tried only once before the start of the game.Give yourself too high goals.But in the second half of the second round, he retrieved the feeling of the hardcore, and also felt that he would have good results today.”Standing on the serve early in the morning, I wanted to play a 69 shot.” In the end, Jiang Yong was very happy to finish the game.Due to the advantages of Korean, Jiang Yong also looks forward to going to the Chinese competition to exercise more and save some confidence, and consider going to South Korea to play.Jiang Yong will consider playing more positive, “I hope to rush forward as much as possible after finding the state!”

Beyond, never stop; in the future, unlimited possibility.The Mitsubishi Motor Automation Open with a total bonus of 500,000 yuan is the 72 -hole match. After the end of the 18th end of Sunday, the championship ownership will also be announced!Who is dead, it is expected.

In 2022, the Mitsubishi Motor Automation Open was sponsored by the China Golf Association, co -organized by the Jiangsu Golf Ball Association, Suzhou Sports Bureau, Suzhou Taihu National Tourism Resort Management Committee, China Golf Tour Certification, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd.The company and the Chinese Professional Golf Event (Beijing) Co., Ltd. jointly organized, and the Suzhou Taihu International Golf Club was sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric Automation.The competition also received strong support from sponsors such as Mitsubishi Bank, Distex, YONEX, Changlian Logistics, Kirin, Liner Health, Meiji and other sponsors.

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