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Middle-aged man 8 yuan self-selected Lanfu lottery 6.59 million to set up a wedding room for his son-tickets


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Jingmen Lottery buyers have won the prize again!This is the first prize of the 5th Double Color Ball in Jingmen City in our province in 2022.

On the evening of December 29, the 2022150 of the Fucai two -color ball issued a prize number of 01, 07, 11, 12, 22, 28+05.In the Jingmen City, the first -class ticket for a single purchase of 8 yuan has won the first prize of a single bet bonus of 6.59 million.

On the afternoon of December 30, the prize winner, Mr. Gao (Hua), took his son and appeared at the Provincial Fucai Center against the prize office.

Mr. Gao, 50, is an ordinary migrant worker.Over the years, he has loved lottery games, especially two -color balls.Although he has not won the award, the 5 -yuan small prize won from time to time also adds a lot of fun to his life.

On the evening of December 29, Mr. Gao came to the nearby Fucai site as usual.According to his own feelings, he wrote 4 sets of single -format numbers.He chose 05 in the blue balls of these 4 sets of numbers.

At 11 o’clock that night, Mr. Gao queried the lottery number through his mobile phone and found that the first group of the four groups he bet on his betting hit all the prize numbers.

He couldn’t believe it for a while, and he checked repeatedly, and finally confirmed that he was really winning a prize.

Mr. Gao quickly told his wife that his wife couldn’t hold his mouth.She praised her husband, saying that he had been surprised for many years.

Mr. Gao’s son is in his 20s and works in Wuhan after graduating from college.That night, he told his son that he was going to work in Wuhan the next day, and the two had an appointment to meet.

After winning the award, Mr. Gao first thought of his son.He said his son was not married yet.Now winning, the son’s wedding room has settled.

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