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Messi World Cup Golden Boot odds No. 1 is expected to reach 92 -year miracles


Argentine France compete for the World Cup championship

At 23 pm on December 18th, Beijing time, the 2022 Qatar World Cup final will start at the Lusser Stadium. Argentina and France will compete for the final championship!Who will notice the Hills Cup Flower, and the competition for the golden boots of the event has also attracted the attention of fans and lottery!At present, the institution has updated the odds of gold boots in this World Cup. Messi 1 compensation 1.9 top topped the list, Mbappe 1 lost 2.05 rankings, Alvarez and Giroud are all 1 compensation 11, which is compared with the first two.big.

At present, Messi and Mbappe score 5 goals, Alvarez and Giroud 4 goals.According to the Golden Boot Award selection rules, if multiple players scores the same goals, then the number of assists will be compared, Messi is temporarily led on the data.And if the number of goals and assists in the final player is the same, then the player’s appearance time will be determined according to the goal efficiency.As of the finals, Messi’s appearance time was 540 minutes, Mbappe 477 minutes, 364 minutes of Alvarez, and 382 minutes of Giroud.

In addition to the golden boots, Messi is also expected to become the first player in the history of the World Cup to win the Golden Boot Award and Assistant King.On the assist list, Messi and France’s Griezmann, Kane in England, and Portugal’s Fernandez were both three times. Although Kane and B fee had been eliminated, the latter was temporarily led by the time when playing.In addition, French Mbappe, Elnands and Dengbelle have assisted twice, and they are also powerful competitors of the assisted king.At the America’s Cup last year, Messi won the Golden Boot Award and Assistant King who wanted to copy it in the World Cup. Messi also needed to perform in the finals!

In the history of the World Cup in 1992, there have never been players who have won the Golden Boot Award and Assistant.In the 1986 World Cup, the ball king Maradona scored 5 goals and won the silver boots, assisted 5 times to win the assisted king; in the 2010 World Cup, German striker Mueller won the golden boots award, but because of his appearance time, he missed the lead to assist the king of the king.The distance between the two is one step away.Can Messi reach this miracle?Let’s wait and see!

Affiliated Cup finals schedules:

Messi (Argentina) 1 loss 2.87

Mbappe (France) 1 loss 3.5

Alvarez (Argentina) 1 compensation 4.33

Giroud (France) 1 Lemon 4.75

Laotaro (Argentina) 1 Lemon 4.75

Turam (France) 1 Lemon 5.5

Muni (France) 1 Lemon 5.5

Dibara (Argentina) 1 Lemon 5.5

Glezmann (France) 1 loss 6

Dembele (France) 1 Lemon 6

Gomez (Argentina) 1 Lemon 6

Paldes (Argentina) 1 compensation 6.5

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