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Messi: We must be sad to defeat Mexico next

After losing to Saudi Arabia 1 to 2, Messi admitted that the team was injured. “In fact we are going to die because this is a very heavy blow, because we did not expect that we will start in this way. We have confidence to create a good start to start a good start. Winning to win, that makes you feel at ease, but this team stands out because of its unity and strength. Now we need to be united than ever before. We must return to the basic point, return to our way of working, and strive to win the game. “

“Fans, please rest assured. We know that this is a very heavy blow and a loss of injuries, but we must continue to trust. We must let people believe that this team will not let them down. We will work hard to win the right right right. Mexico game. “

“This is a moment when you need to be united, turn over this page, don’t think about what happened, just reflect, take the essence, and improve the place we do wrong. Let us think about Mexico. We always say that you want to win everything Field games, now I think more than ever. “

“This is what I have never experienced in this team, and it is also a heavy blow that has not been experienced for a long time. Now we must show that we are a real team. This is a very heavy blow for everyone “,”

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  1. Leading the team 2: 8 The king who was often eliminated was reversed, and the conventional operation also softened as soon as he arrived at the competition. If such a person can call the king of the ball, let me go

  2. [laughs] You will die if you are hot. Hardness, I hope that Argentina knows shame and bravely, at least first.

  3. Mexican jersey color is very similar to Saudi Arabia. The king of the ball is psychological. Scoring is the key. Data cannot be lost. My Confucianism is best in the audience

  4. Little head and Lio Messi

  5. Mexico is not easy to deal with. It is not impossible to flatten it.

  6. If you lose another game, do you know how many people jump off the building?

  7. Argentine Dreamwim Team

  8. Losing a ball, not the end of the world. Argentina is a big hit.

  9. Mexico: Look at your bear -like

  10. If you lose another game, do you know how many wives and ions are broken?

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