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Messi was sent to the final?Conspiracy and world needs

“I regret Brazil, because Brazil is a better team than Argentina. Croatia defeats Brazil in an excellent way. Argentina’s penalty is fabricated. I don’t believe someone supports Argentina. They get two.Three fictional penalty. “

This is the criticism of Croatian President Zuolan Maranovic after defeating Croatia 3-0 in Argentina.

Argentina was co -organized by FIFA, sponsors and Qatar organizers to enter the final.

Because FIFA needs a South American team to reach the finals, as they need Africa+Arabic attributes in the semi -finals.Invantino, who has just benefited from the unmanned challenge and the chairman of the FIFA, has a reason to give him a reward to the person who gave him a vote.

Of course, the official rhetoric of this kind of feedback is to promote football in a wider range of regions.

Sponsors need Messi, at least Adidas needs Argentina.In the last session, the old -fashioned sponsor of FIFA was really embarrassing.

In this final, he finally returned to Adidas Argentina VS Nike France.

Chinese dairy company Mengniu is very happy because the French and Argentine Division Finals, Messi and Mbappe, they both gambled.Compared with the previous session, “I am Messi, I am now panicked” and panic into a paragraph. Obviously, Mengniu’s marketing department can raise his eyebrows this time.

Catal also won numb as the gold master behind Paris, and Messi’s value was re -confirmed, and Mbappe’s new king was unpredictable.

Argentina’s six games were arranged at the main venue of the Lussel Sports Center, which were arranged at 80,000 people.In the previous 62 games, Lucel was used only 9 times, and Argentina had almost half of it, which was a proper C position.

The other five games -Croar Portugal won twice, Neymar’s Brazil got twice, and once belonged to neighboring Saudi Arabia.In the World Cup, Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s rigid relationship was improved.

Of course, some people say that the group stage Argentina has two games in Lussel. The use of the stadium in the next knockout is unable to arrange in advance.But as long as you calculate the first out of the Argentine group, you can understand who will use it for a long time.

Why did the same stars gathered in Spain, Germany, and England, did not receive the main stadium treatment?

The turbulent Argentine fans at the scene made the tickets crazy, and they twice created a miracle of the Lussel Stadium.Although more than 70,000 people in the stadium are Argentina fans, the Afghan Association is still asking the FIFA to give more tickets.

So, did Argentina be sent to the finals?Is the FIFA and sponsors who joined forces to push Messi and give him a stack of historical data?

After losing 1 to 2 to Saudi Arabia in the first game, the outside world won the championship in Spain in 2010 to the analogy.After the World Cup was completely defeated, the probability of outline was only 8%of historical statistics.

In the first six games, Argentina, where Messi was located, won 4 penalty kicks.Only in the match against Mexico and Australia, no penalty was won, which tied the historical record of the World Cup.

In the 1966 World Cup Portugal and the Dutch team of the 1978 World Cup, they all won 4 penalties, and they won the third place and runner -up respectively.

Under the blessing of this World Cup, the referee fined a total of 20 penalties, and Argentina occupied 1/5 of 32 teams.

Everyone’s understanding of penalties is different. Of course, the party who is judged is not convinced.Among them, the Dutch and Croatia responded stronger.

Messi contributed 5 goals in 6 games (3 is penalty) and 3 assists.In the first 4th World Cup, Messi had only 6 goals and 5 assists.

Almost every game, this Popas eagle has endless new data, which will attract the attention of the media and fans.

When Mexico scored the 8th goal of the World Cup, he tied Maradona’s World Cup.For Australia, it was his 1000th game, and Messi had a left -footed shot.

After a 90 -minute run to 8,300 meters, Messi’s two -eye data made him expect the expectations of new and old fans.The favorite of merchants is that the popularity of well -known stars is superimposed.

Excluding 3 penalty goals, Messi’s other two goals are quite critical for Argentina.

In the first loss, the second game must be scored all three points to Argentina to retain hope.

At 64 minutes in the second half of the second half, Messi chopped 35 meters outside the penalty area to give cool Argentina teams, showing the strength of the real thigh.

The knockout game defeated Australia 2-1 is also his 35th minute, and after playing with his teammates in front of the penalty area, he used a flexible left -footed toes to shoot, and the ball passed through the legs of the opponent’s defensive players.Essence

In addition, the twice of the three assists is also very interesting.

After the Dutch game, he attracted three opponents to defend and sent the ball to assist Naivol Molina scoring the goal.

In the face of the hottest Croatia 20 -year -old Guardial, who was the hottest Croatia in the world, Messi used the changing model to get rid of three times, and then cut into the small penalty area to make a pass.Playing the ability of the ball and the technical dexterity of 1 to 1 is vividly.

Is Argentina taken care of, and everyone has different views.Statistically, you can see that they have obtained more advantageous data than others, which may make Van Gaal or Dalich feel a little unfair.Messi entered the World Cup finals, Argentina entered the World Cup finals. It is the result of FIFA, sponsors, Qatar organizers and fans.

If you love the Argentine team, there is nothing to say, because Messi can continue to perform for you tomorrow.

If you hate the Argentine team, pray for Budpe and Girou in the finals to let them re -beings.

However, regardless of winning or losing, the Argentine people believe in tears.Only tears are tears of joy, and some tears are sad tears.

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  2. Do you think Qatar cares about that ticket money?Speaking of unpleasant, this ticket money is not even money in the eyes of others. When people enter the final, they feel that they are conspiracy.The title of gimmick!

  3. You can say that the 18 -year World Cup requires a Croatia to enter the final

  4. A bunch of farts, each team entered the final is lucky

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