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Messi was eliminated all over the world?Dunvis: At least the Dutch is not sad

Argentina played against the Netherlands in the 1/4 finals of the World Cup and ushered in the last dance of the World Cup.The Dutch defender Dunfris said he did not intend to give victory to Messi and his Argentine team.

If the game is defeated to the Netherlands, Messi’s World Cup champion dream will be announced.At that time, not only Messi and Argentina are disappointed, many fans all over the world may be crying.

But Dunvis in the Netherlands said: “I think at least 16 million Dutch people will not be sad, and that’s why we fight here.”

Dunvrez is the source of the Dutch power. In the 1/8 finals defeating the United States 3-1, Dunfris was rated as the best player on the spot with one of the excellent performance of one goal and two assists.Dunfris will also play an important role in this game in Argentina.

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  1. Walking, vomiting, bowing, and hips is an insult to football.

  2. I am too happy to cry, and I cried if I was sick.[Hee hee]

  3. I can laugh

  4. The language of foreigners is barren.The Chinese people said that Messi was eliminated all over the world, but the Netherlands cried.

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