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Messi: Personal awards are secondary I hope to win the American Cup and the Champions League


Messi value collective honor more

After getting the 6th Golden Globe trophy, Messi was interviewed by the media. He talked about a question that he didn’t mention when he published award -winning speech on the stage, that is, he hoped to use his personal trophy to change the Champions League or the American Cup trophy.

When making the award -winning speech, Messi said that it was very special to win the Golden Globe Award for the sixth time. But in an interview with the media, he said: “I will never be satisfied with personal awards. This is secondary. The important thing is the collective trophy. . But I have been saying that I hope to get the American Cup or more UEFA Champions League trophy instead of such a personal award. Of course, these personal awards are also recognized. The Golden Globe Award is of great significance. Many players are competing. “

Speaking of his future, Messi said: “I hope, at the same time, God wants me to play for many years. I am 32 years old and walk to 33 years old. As I said before, everything looks at me. , My physical condition. “

“Today, I thank God. At the level of my body, I have never been good at the personal level. I hope I can continue this for many years.”

There is a clause in Messi and Barcelona’s contract stipulating that he can leave the club after the end of the season. In this regard, Messi hopes to comfort Barcelona fans: “People in Barcelona know me, know that there is no problem in any way of writing about the contract. The most important thing is my feelings for the club, not what I wrote on the paper.”

Messi emphasized: “There is no problem in this regard, I am like I said, the situation is very simple. As long as in Barcelona, ​​I hope to play a good job without other things.” (Ivan)

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    Littleidealsthatdonotgotowork 11月 12, 2022 at 1:44 下午

    Messi shows the world the best player in the world today with the most perfect performance

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    |Underwatermoonredscarf 11月 12, 2022 at 1:44 下午

    The greatest La Liga Barcelona player in history is fine

  11. Congratulations to Messi

  12. Messi is already the best player in the world!

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